The Lady Submits (BDSM Bacchanal #1) by Chloe Cox

Book Description:

Published: July 28, 2012

Sometimes a highborn Lady needs to be brought low…

It’s the decadent, raunchy holiday of Bacchanal, and the Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi cannot find a man to satisfy her. Worse, she’s been saddled with the brutish Carlo Castellan as her bodyguard for the last night of Bacchanal. There’s only one thing to do: escape to the fabled House of the Severille…

The imperious Lady Lucrezia expects to sate herself by dominating some poor house slave. What she gets instead is the harsh touch of a Severille Master who will stop at nothing to make the Lady submit.

Review –

This is a very sexy short story  about a high lady who  finally finds sexual satisfaction with a low man, one that she never would have dreamt could do the job.