Fervent (Condemned #3) by Gemma James

Book Description

April 25, 2015

I never imagined things could get worse, but they do. The men who took us show no mercy. They won’t stop until they’ve destroyed Rafe for something he has no memory of, and I’m their weapon of choice.

Tortured and defiled, they make me wish I was back in that cabin where death was favorable to drawing another breath, but our captors can’t break what’s already broken.

What scares me is the madness I see festering inside Rafe.

I’ve taken his freedom, his career, his reputation, yet despite all I’ve done, he’s determined to fight for me, kill for me, give everything he is for me. He’ll even die for me.

Review –

This is the third in the Condemned Series and Rafe and Alex are taken to an underground (I truly mean UNDERGROUND) sex trafficking ting ran by Jax’s father. There, Alex is beaten and tortured while rafe is made to look on. This is Lucas’s payback for what Rafe did while in prison. After a time, and a couple of failed escape attempts, Jax suceeds in breaking them out, killing men in the process and taking them to a safe secluded cabin. Alex heals,physically, while Jax and Rafe plan to take down Lucas and the sex trafficking ring. Rafe doesn’t want Alex going so he secures her and says he’ll be back.  He and Jax are successful in killing Lucas and calling the cops on the rest of the sex ring, but Rafe decides that he and Alex are just to f***ed up to be together and tells Jax to tell Alex that he was killed in the take-down.  Fade to black.






Review –