Bound Forever (Bound #2) by Hanna Peach

Book Description:

Published: August 3, 2014

Caden and I on the run. Together. But he still won’t let me touch him and I know he is still keeping things from me. I am determined to uncover everything – at any cost. Even if it tears us apart.

Jacob is back. He’s back and he knows about her. Now, everything that binds the three of us together are twisting and tightening, pulling us all together. I can feel the inevitable coming…
I don’t know how this will end… all I know is, there will be blood.

Review –

In this book we find Caden trying to keep Kitten safe from the clutches of her ex-boyfriend who was very abusive in all aspects of their relationship and Kitten trying to get Caden to open up about his past. There is a lot of back and forth and time jumping but we finally find out why Caden feels the way he does toward Jacob and his connection to Kitten. It’s no wonder this man is damaged but he has a plan to exact revenge and get  some closure for Kitten also. 

There is kidnapping,torture,shooting and murder involved in the revenge and at the end Caden and Kitten have to vanish but of what they’ve done but they do get their HEA.

I definitely like this book better than the first but I still hate the cover.