The Night Season (Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell #4) by Chelsea Cain

Book Description:

Published: March 1, 2011

Format: Audio/OverDrive

He captured the Beauty Killer, one of the most deranged serial killers in the country. Now, Portland police detective Archie Sheridan faces a different kind of killer – a brutal rain season that has flooded the Willamette River, claiming several lives. As water levels rise, so does the fear. Because some of the victims didn’t drown;they were murdered.

The first body contains a rare poison. Three others prove to be murders as well. And with each gruesome discovery the medical examiner uncovers, Archie begins to realize he has not escaped his nightmares, even with his deadliest enemy behind bars. The flood has washed up old skeletons from the past. And a ruthless new serial killer rules the night…

Review –

Archie is finally free, at least physically, of his former lover and crazed torturer, Gretchen Lowell, The Beauty Killer,who’s behind bars, Portland Detective Archie Sheridan vies with a slightly more mundane serial killer in Cain’s latest installment in the series.

This time the villain is a  largely unseen male menace. Accompanied by a nine-year-old boy who was stolen from his parents 18 months ago, this serial killer carries around small, blue-ringed octopuses in baggies,

subjects his victims to their poisonous bites and tosses the corpses in the river.

The killings begin after the discovery of a skeleton points back to the Vanport flood of 1948, which wiped out an entire public-housing project and claimed the lives of many residents who were tardily warned by authorities of the impending disaster. Sixty-two years later, with the overflowing Willamette River about to wreak havoc on Portland, two people close to the still-shaky Sheridan are touched by the octopus killer’s evil: Henry Sobol, a fellow cop, and Susan Ward, a hungry crime columnist with wild hair. 

The story is deftly handled, the suspense is plentiful and the author’s description of the gloomy atmosphere and Portland setting is superb. Gretchen fans will be pleased when she shows up at the end and with a glance tells us we haven’t seen the last of her.

Excellent read!!!

Last Breath(Morganville Vampires #11) by Rachel Caine


Book Description

Release date: April 3, 2012 | Series: The Morganville Vampires (Book 11)

Student Claire Danvers learns that three vampires have vanished without a trace. And after an uneasy encounter with Morganville’s latest resident, Claire is certain that the mysterious Magnus isn’t human. But is he a vampire-or something else entirely? One thing is clear: Magnus is to blame for the disappearances. And if vampires are turning into victims, what chance does a human like Claire have of stopping him?

Review –
I hadn’t read a book in this series since March of 2012 and I was easily able to pick up the storyline, unlike other series.
I enjoyed this book because it finally dealt with something that could harm the vampires and cause their end because usually it’s the humans who are at the bottom of the food chain in Morganville.
If you haven’t tried this series you should really give it a try, but start with number one, Glass Houses.

Competition Can Be Murder by Connie Shelton

Product Description

Charlie and Drake are off to Scotland, where they will live in a cottage on the grounds of an ancient castle. Taking a helicopter contract to help a friend, they’ll shuttle workers out to the oil rigs in the North Sea. Unfortunately, the boat operators in the area have waged an embittered battle with the helicopter operators and the animosity is palpable. Meanwhile, Charlie is asked by the lord of the castle to help with an unsolved case there, and soon three mysteries are competing for her time. Lives hang in the balance and Charlie’s flying skills are put to the ultimate test over the frigid waters of the North Sea. Praise for the Charlie Parker Mysteries: “Charlie is slick, appealing, and nobody’s fool–just what readers want in an amateur sleuth.” — Booklist “A well-written, by the book who-done-it that will enthrall purists. Charlie is a fabulous amateur sleuth.” — Midwest Book Review “Shelton’s engaging story, likable heroine, and comfortable prose make this a good choice.” –Library Journal
Review –
This one was better for me than the last one.  It really had two stories going on at the same time and the  the outcome wasn’t exactly a happy ending.
On to the next.  Can’t wait!

Dolan’s Cadillac and Other Stories by Stephen King

Product Description

Stephen King’s unparalleled imagination is in full force in this collection of four unabridged short stories originally found in the classic, Nightmares & Dreamscapes. An all-star cast of readers bring to life these timeless stories from the darkest places, including the tale Dolan’s Cadillac: soon to be a feature film starring Christian Slater, Wes Bentley, and Emmanuelle Vaugier.A widowed husband spends seven years plotting revenge for his wife’s murder in Dolan’s Cadillac. A school teacher discovers her students are not what they seem in Suffer the Little Children. In Crouch End, a woman fears that supernatural events may have led to her husband’s disappearance. And in Rainy Season, a young couple is forced into the ultimate battle of Man vs. Nature when torrential rain turns deadly.

Rob Lowe, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Curry, and Yeardley Smith lend their voices to this haunting collection of classic stories that no Stephen King fan should be without

Review- My favorite story from this collection was Rainy Season, partly for the story itself but most of all because of the actress doing the audio adaptation, Yeardley Smith(the voice of Lisa Simpson). Somehow her high-pitched, child-like voice added even more terror to the story of the plague of toads devouring a young couple who just happened to be in Willow, Maine on the wrong day.  My least favorite story was Dolan’s Cadillac. I thought it was too long and a bit slow and I could care less how big dirt moving machines  work or how long it takes to cut a grave for a Cadillac in the hard desert between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.   The two other stories, Crouch End and Suffer the Little Children were a pleasure to listen to. If you’re a fan of Stephen King give this collection a try and see what you think.