Timeless (Black Brothers Standalone Novella) by Brynley Bush

Book Description:

Published:January 26, 2016

Format: Free Digital Book

Marcus Dunn came into my life ten years ago and possessed me body and soul, introducing me to a world of dark and forbidden pleasures before disappearing without a word.
I’ve never forgiven him.
Or forgotten him.

Walking away from Ariana McKnight was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
But running into her after all these years, handcuffed to a spanking bench, has me forgetting everything I promised myself ten years ago.
I still can’t have her.
But I can’t stay away.

One tough FBI agent who longs to give her power away—just not to him.
One former Navy SEAL who wants to take it, but can offer her nothing in return.
One snowbound weekend in the middle of nowhere with no choice but to resolve their unfinished business.

Review –

Ariana treats herself to a weekend getaway to explore her interest in BDSM. She never expects to run into Marcus Dunn. A love affair that she thought was just beginning was shattered  when he walked away ten years ago leaving her heart-broken.

Marcus has reasons why he left her behind and think one night with her will be sufficient, but one taste of giving her what she needs isn’t going to be enough.

The chemistry behind the two main characters seemed a bit stilted but I could have dealt with that had it not been for the convoluted storyline.  He’s an ex-Navy Seal and she is a FBI agent and he’s working on a case of insurance fraud and she helps him solve it (getting stabbed in the process). It was just too much for me.

I wish the author would have constructed a storyline out of her interest in the BDSM lifestyle, had her meet up with Marcus again and have them work out their problems and have a HEA and leave their jobs out of it.

I had high hopes for this book but was very disappointed .




Sideswiped (Peri Reed Chronicles #0.5) by Kim Harrison

Book Description:

Published: August 10, 2015

Don’t miss this thrilling first look into the elite world of Peri Reed, government agency operative extraordinaire, and catch more of her character in The Drafter, the first book in the all-new suspense trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison, out September 1.

Every hero, even the accidental ones, have a beginning.

Silas’s radical theory that drafters are not replaying time as much as they are temporarily sliding into an alternate universe has never been well-received, but frankly, the darling of Opti’s research has enough clout not to care, until a professor with a grudge tries to put a permanent end to it. Love can’t alter time, and sometimes, even being able to rub out a single mistake isn’t enough…

Review –

I’m a long time fan of author, Kim Harrison, and her character, Rachel Morgan, from the Hollows series so I knew I had to give this a try, but to tell you exactly what this book is about is a very hard thing to do.

I found the subject matter, altering time-like going back thirty seconds, confusing, at least in the way it was described. It seems you don’t go forward or backward in time but sideways. I ask you, what does that mean?  A person who can do the time altering is called a Drafter, thus the name of the next book in the series. I hope it is clearer on details or else I again will be completely lost.

I had great expectation for this series but only time will tell.




Bones In Ice: A Novella (Temperance Brennan #17.5) by Kathy Reichs

Book Description:

Published: August 4, 2015

Featuring a preview of the highly anticipated new thriller Speaking in Bones, this eBook original novella showcases #1 New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs at the peak of her powers. In Bones on Ice, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan gets wrapped up in the ultimate cold case: a death on Mount Everest.
It is called the “death zone”: the point on Everest, nearly five miles high, above which a climber cannot be rescued. More than 250 souls have lost their lives there. Most of the bodies remain, abandoned, frozen in place. When an earthquake leads to a miraculous recovery, Dr. Temperance Brennan is hired to identify the frozen mummified human corpse. The victim is the daughter of a wealthy Charlotte couple who never got the chance to say goodbye. But far from offering solace and closure, Tempe’s findings only provoke more questions. What happened on Mount Everest? Was the young woman’s death an accident? Why aren’t the other climbers talking? And how far will those hiding the truth go to make sure the past stays buried?

Review –


Fantastic story line with murders, mysteries and a giant twist at the end plus a narrator who did a marvelous job made this novella a five-star production.

I’ve been looking forward to reading/listening to Speaking In Bones  and now I am doubly pumped and can’t wait.

If you are a Kathy Reichs/Temperance Brennan fan, you need to check this book out right away.



Cameron’s Control (Enthrall Novella #1 Enthrall Sessions #4) by Vanessa Fewings

Book Description:

Published: May 31, 2015

Cameron’s Control is the novella that follows the events in the bestselling erotic romance series The Enthrall Sessions. Author Vanessa Fewings is pleased to offer the continuation of the sensual journey with her readers.

Passion has a price. Fortune has a fate.

In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal. In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates.

One woman has pierced his infamous armor and unexpectedly seized his heart. Her reward? Everything a submissive could desire: A master’s total protection, unconditional love, and a ceaseless romance that continues to transform her by the day. Cameron demands complete submission, and he will get it.

He has everything a man could want. Everything a woman desires. But every master is put to the test.

Cameron’s arrives in the form of a past love. The woman who once suffered immeasurably when he refused to marry her, now seeks revenge. If she can’t lay claim to Cameron, no one can.

This woman is dangerous. She has secrets. Secrets about his current submissive. About those close to him. Secrets that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

The choice will have to be made: business or love? The rule of an empire? Or the heart of a woman?

Cameron’s Control in the first novella in the acclaimed erotic romance series The Enthrall Sessions by Vanessa Fewings.

With this new story, Fewings continues to expand the seductive world that has captivated readers around the globe, a collection that includes the three novels Enthrall, Enthrall Her, and Enthrall Him.

Cameron Cole has returned… and he’s waiting for you.

Review –

I rated this book five stars *****

This novella is told from Cameron Cole’s point of view and we discover that he fell for Mia the very first day she trespassed into his BDSM club but found it difficult to admit that,even to himself.

Cameron and Mia are in a good place, they have told each other that the feelings they have are love and are committed to one another and you would think that everything is going to be hunky dorky BUT Cameron’s ex comes into the picture. They were like two or three weeks from walking down the aisle and Cameron backs out. Now his ex is seeing a psychologist that Cameron has thought highly of in the past, but now begins to wonder. She has requested that Cameron sit in on sessions with her so she can get “closure”. It’s been like five years or more and she’s just now wanting “closure”?  Not by a long shot. She wants him back and tells him so. When Mia finds out she is immediately jealousy and thinks right away that Cameron doesn’t love her after all. His ex is beautiful and well-educated and she’s not.

On top of that, Cameron wants Mia to sign an agreement that should their relationship end she will receive from him a sizable amount of money. Mia doesn’t want his money and tells him so.

In betwixt and between Cameron gives Mia an antique ruby collar(choker) that belonged to his grandmother and one day he notices she isn’t wearing and it and she tells him that she didn’t want to lose it. Rumors are floating around that Mia is secretly seeing someone at the soup kitchen and may have given it to him for drugs or whatever. Cameron notices that a man connected to Mia’s horrible past life is working at the soup kitchen. Somehow, he slipped through the security check all hopeful employees have to go through. It is then discovered that the choker had been ripped off Mia’s neck and at the end of the novella Mia has been kidnapped and Cameron is determined to get her back because she isn’t only his lover but his LIFE.

I CAN NOT wait for the next installment coming out later this month.