Storm Ravaged (Storm Damages #2) by Magda Alexander

Book Description

January 26, 2014

A Desperate Woman . . .

Pregnant with Gabriel Storm’s baby, Elizabeth Watson dreads seeing him again. After all, three months earlier she walked out without telling him about his child. But he knows and demands marriage. Something she can’t do. If she did, his mother would reveal a family secret which would destroy everything Gabriel cherishes.

A Determined Man . . .

Hell bent on marrying her, Gabriel will do anything to get her to agree. So he fashions a solution to convince her, a solution crafted from lies and deceit. But he’s playing with fire. For if she discovers his subterfuge, he would lose not only his child but the woman he can’t live without.

WARNING: This is a hot, steamy read with explicit language and sex scenes. For mature audiences.)

Okay, so the famous, rich,handsome man lies to the beautiful woman with the green eyes to get her to marry him and makes promises to her that he knows he won’t keep.  In his mind he needs to protect her and his unborn child from his mother and almost holds her prisoner in a fancy London apartment but she, on the other hand, is determined to remain independent, finish law school and work as a corporate attorney.  The boy heir is born, his wicked mother comes back from Scotland with all kinds of horrible secrets and someone tries to kill Elizabeth and the baby in her bedroom.  She has had enough. With all the lies he has told her Elizabeth doesn’t trust Gabriel anymore and walks out on their marriage.
There was not as much sex in this book because she was pregnant or they were made at each other from fighting.
Looking forward to the next installment.  Eager to see how he gets her back.