Golden Eggs and Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin Mysteries #4) by Nancy Tesler

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Published: 2000          Series: Carrie Carlin Mysteries

Everything was golden, until the killing began…

The good news was that Carrie’s father had gotten rich. The bad news was that her stepmom was coming to visit.

Carrie, a stress-reduction therapist who dates a cop, mothers two teenagers, and solves murders on the side, thought she could handle Eve for a weekend. But that was before the glamour queen dragged Carrie into a wild-goose chase that led to a dead man in Manhattan.

Now Eve is in jail, Carrie’s long-lost stepbrother–so long-lost Carrie didn’t know she had one–is back, and people are dropping like flies. No wonder Carrie’s biorhythms are starting to flutter. For Carrie, unraveling the mystery that Eve thrust into her life is a matter of self-preservation. Because a killer has a shortlist of victims–and Carrie’s name is right near the top….


Review –

After reading so many serious book it’s nice to read a funny murder mystery and this one fits the bill.  Love this series.



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Sharks, Jellyfish and Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin Mysteries) by Nancy Tesler


Book Description

Release date: April 6, 1998     Series: Carrie Carlin Mysteries
She has a relationship on the rocks, a friend in big trouble, and one foot in  hot water .  .  .
Biofeedback specialist Carrie Carlin helps her patients get things under control.  It’s her own life that’s in chaos.  She’s feeling the pressure of an ex-husband who gives her heartburn–and a lover, homicide cop Ted Brodsky, who is giving her heartache.  Faced with fight or flight, Carrie answers a plea for help from her friend Meg and chooses flight–on a jet plane to Key West and a new sea of troubles.
A boat accident has left Meg’s husband, Kevin, missing and presumed dead.  But when his body never turns up, Carrie suspects something is terribly wrong.  Then Meg is attacked.  Suddenly Carrie needs more than deep-breathing exercises.  She needs to troll the Florida Keys for Kevin.  She needs Ted Brodsky’s help.  And, most of all, she needs to fish around for hard answers and chilling secrets .  .  .  before a killer lures her in with a deep, deadly surprise.
Review –
This books is a mixture of light mystery, travel adventure, believable characters,humor and a realistic plot.  I can tell that the Carrie Carlin Mystery Series is going to be one of my favorites.
I you like light reading that is fast paced this is the series for you.

Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things by


Book Description

Release date: May 12, 1997
Carrie Carlin is trying to juggle single life in the suburbs, two frisky children, and a full-time career. Through it all she’s got to stand by while her estranged husband flaunts his new, young, gorgeous fiancee, Erica. When Erica turns up dead, Carrie–the jealous ex-wife– becomes a prime suspect. But with the help of the fine Detective Ted Brodsky, Carrie will uncover the truth–and prevail
Review –
I  choose this book because the author was new to me and the storyline fit into
the line of books I like such as, cozy mysteries,humorous crime fiction and fast
The storyline held my interest and was hard to put down.
The book was full of humor but not overdone and Carrie is kind of like the  Lucille Ball character in I Love Lucy, always sticking her nose in places it doesn’t belong and then getting in dangerous trouble.
A very pleasant read and I love the cover.
I’m looking
forward to reading more of this series.