Sail (Wake#2) by M. Mabie

Book Description:

Published: March 31, 2015

This isn’t just a two-year long one-night stand. It’s my life.

This is my life. Our life. It isn’t just some careless affair.

I’ve made the worst decisions a woman could, but I’ll earn my second chance.

She can try keeping all the guilt for herself, but I’m just as much to blame.

Loving Casey wasn’t my biggest mistake. Fighting it for so long was.

I’ll show her how fearless our love makes me. I’ll protect her torn heart.

He still has magic in his eyes. He’s the man who makes me happy.

Her voice still brings me to my knees. She says my name like it’s sacred.

I live for the day when I’m his. To take care of him. To love him the way he deserves.

I can’t wait to be all she needs. I can give her a happy life, security and so much love.

Sometimes two ships never meet in the night, but ours did.

Sometimes the water is rough. It beats you all to hell until you have no choice but get stronger.

Our love story reads more like a tragedy, but to me it’s clean and pure.

Let them point their fingers. Without a love like ours, they haven’t really lived. I pity them.

I’m a cheating wife and a villain. I am his honeybee.

I’m a snake in the grass and I sleep best when I’m lying next to his wife.

I want to be his everything.

I’m nothing without her anyway.

This isn’t even close to over.

Review –

In Sail, Blake became more assertive and more sure of herself (finally), but still the fate of their relationship was in Blake’s hands, which was pretty scary. She seems to have made a decision to end her marriage with Grant, but we’ve heard that before. The question is – will she or won’t she be strong enough to do what needs to be done for her and Casey’s sake?

There are still ups and downs in their relationship and Casey and Blake both realize their hang-ups about trust are partly to blame. Trying to over come this is not easy, especially for Blake. She thinks she has to do what needs to be done all on her own instead of excepting the support and presence of Casey. If only she had Casey go with her to have Grant sign the divorce papers…

I’m hoping for a HEA but I’ll have to read the last installment to find out. More later.



I love this cover.