House 23

Book Description

November 7, 2013
Joseph Lee is wealthy, safe, and alone.His wife was murdered, butchered in her own house. They never found the killer. The police blamed him, as did everyone else.

He’s been alone since her death. Confined to the house where she was murdered, forced to live a hermit’s existence as he struggles with his grief and self-loathing. But there’s hope: a beautiful woman, a woman who looks uncannily like his dead wife, moves into the house across the road and befriends him.

Joseph Lee’s life seems to be improving, but after the light at the end of the tunnel there’s another descent into a world of darkness, because the stunning look-alike, and the imposing structure of house 23, are hiding disturbing secrets.

House 23 is a dark suspense thriller. A gripping, and often disturbing, story with a mystery twist.

Review –
This is a very strange spooky story with many twists and turns but it was not a favorite of mine.