Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll


Book Description:

The 1872 sequel to Alice In Wonderland

Join Alice in another trip to the outlandish world of Wonderland. When Alice idly wonders what life is like on the other side of her mirror, she suddenly finds that she can pass through the glass and see for herself. Once there, she meets an array of nursery rhyme characters and other fantastic creatures, all displaying the odd lack of sense (as we know it) that is the rule in Wonderland. But Alice finds she can hold her own – even against the daunting Red Queen. An absurd and delightful foray into the mind of Lewis Carroll, containing such famous poems as ‘Jabberwocky’ and ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’, Through the Looking Glass is one of the classics of children’s literature.
Review –
I needed a break from zombies,grave robbers and vampires so what do I decide to read, Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll with talking flowers and the jabberwock. It was wonderful!!