Target (Renegade #1) by Julia Sykes

Book Description:

Published: June 30, 2015

When Ian saves Lissa from a terrible first date, he discovers that they share a sizzling physical connection. Unwilling to draw the seemingly innocent young woman into his world of violence and espionage, Ian tries to keeps his distance. But when the blonde bombshell asks him to introduce her to BDSM, all bets are off.

Ian vows to protect her from his secret life, but Lissa quickly becomes involved in the danger that surrounds him. What neither of them realize is her secrets might put them both in greater peril than Ian ever imagined.

Review –

I enjoyed reading this free  book but was disappointed that it was so short(103 pages).  I understand the author’s thinking that if you like it enough you’ll be willing to buy the next in the series. But, I don’t know if I want to spend money for a book that is only about a hundred pages long and then have to buy another and another to complete the series.  Instead, why not write one long book and charge a reasonable price? It’s a shame because I really liked the two main characters and their intense chemistry together and a bad guy has turned up that I didn’t expect. That being said, I don’t plan to go any further with this series.