Stirred Up by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham

Book Description:

Published: April 26, 2014

Certain men. Certain professions. Some things are just universally sexy.

But maybe not quite this sexy…

“Lay back for me.”

Review –
Addison and Brady, who is her brother’s best friend,  fight their feelings for each other. They are best friends and never can be more, at least that’s how Addison feels. She’s afraid if the relationship went further and it didn’t work out, it would ruin their perfect, long time friendship.

Brady is constantly pushing for more because he’s had real feelings for her as long as he can remember.
Addison is trying to figure her feelings while having a secret tryst with the handsome Dr. Reynolds, who is an OBGYN and he examines her thoroughly each time she goes to his office.  He wants to take her out in public as in date, but she says she wants to keep it private and will only see him in his office.  Eventually, he tells he does not f**k his patients and refuses to see her at his office. Without  seeing him for a few days she  finally calls in to his office and uses and fake name to get an appointment. When Dr. Reynolds walks in he plays along for a while but then tells her again that he can not carry on with her in his office. So, she bites the bullet and asks him to dinner at her house.

Of course, he comes and after some wine, one thing leads to another and they have sex and Addison makes her move and tells the doctor that she loves him but was afraid it would ruin what they had.  ARE YOU READY FOR IT?  The twist is that Dr. Reynolds and Brady are the same person.  I never saw it coming and it made me smile from ear to ear.

 It’s short and doesn’t take long to read and is well worth your time.
Adult with explicit sex



Silent Love (The Love Series #1) by Casey Clipper

Book Description:

Published: June 27, 2014

Former Navy SEAL Sean Millen has been perfectly fine with his bachelorhood until recently, when he realizes he’s unhappy with his single status. Unfortunately, his playboy reputation doesn’t offer him the type of woman that could fulfill his days and nights as well as settle into the specific life he envisions.

Four years ago, Beth Connors’ world was entirely altered. Beth spends her days trying to remain invisible in order to avoid unwanted attention. Each night she sheds grief-filled tears over the former life she once led but will never be able to regain.

When Beth literally runs into him. Doctor Sean Millen. A force of nature. A rock. A reputable heartbreaker, who takes an immediate interest in her, there’s no place for her to hide. But Beth’s natural instinct to push Sean away to save herself and him from the difficult task of adjusting their lives to her shortcomings is always front and center. Yet, Beth secretly longs for love. Is she strong enough to tear down the walls of her self-imposed prison?

Sean finds himself falling for a woman who is determined to reject his every advance and deny their surprisingly deep connection. Can Sean push past Beth’s concrete walls that she refuses to destroy? Or will Beth’s shocking revelation of her past prevent them from finding the love they both deserve? Or will a tragic accident pull Sean and Beth apart permanently?

*This is not a cliffhanger.
**Not suitable for under 18 years old. Contains sexual scenes.

Review –

This is the first book in The Love Series.  I loved it. 

This is what the author has to say about the book:

“I absolutely love Sean and Beth in Silent Love. There is something special about this couple. First, Sean is the ultimate alpha male. He’s protective, ruthless in his love for Beth, loyal to his brother and Beth, and unflappable in almost any circumstance-except when it comes to his heroine- as well as encouraging and supportive of her. I also love the age difference of this couple. Sean is edging closer to forty, has a career that isn’t the typical billionaire but can easily provide for his love interest. Beth is in her late twenties with a steady career that she excels. Their age difference is brought up as part of a potential issue in their relationship but they work through that issue. (Well, I should say Sean scoffs at her concern.) I love these characters inner strength. Especially Beth’s, after the accident she’d been through, she doesn’t realize how much strength she truly possesses, which is one of the reasons Sean is completely enthralled with her. Their story is a true romance plagued with drama that makes you want to root for them as a couple and individually.”

If you are a fan of contemporary erotic romances -you need  to try this series.




Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter

From Booklist

After producing last year’s stand-alone thriller TripTych, Slaughter returns with the sixth entry in the series that has propelled her onto best-seller lists. The Grant County novels, featuring pediatrician/medical examiner Sara Linton, her police chief husband, Jeffrey Tolliver, and Detective Lena Adams, combine suspenseful plots, gritty social realism, and graphic forensic detail. Here Lena returns to the poverty-stricken rural backwater where she was raised to check on her uncle Hank, the tactiturn reformed junkie who raised her after her mother died. What she finds is a town decimated by methamphetamine addiction (including her long sober uncle), with the drug dealing controlled by skinheads and abetted by a corrupt sheriff’s department. When she is forced to watch as her former childhood friend and neighbor, who has long battled addiction, is set on fire, she shuts down, convinced that her best recourse is to keep her mouth shut even as the local sheriff tries to get her to talk. That’s when Jeffrey gets the call that his detective has been arrested. He and Sara, who is drained from fighting a grueling medical malpractice suit, are immediately drawn into the investigation, which leads to surprising revelations about some of the town’s most upstanding citizens. In addition, Slaughter throws in a shocker of an ending that has serious implications for the future of the series. Slaughter’s latest page-turner offers both wrenching emotional highs and lows and a gripping plot, but what gives it emotional heft is its unwavering focus on the grim social ills of the rural South.
Review –
I really loved this story-it kept a fast pace and was a quick read,

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

From Booklist

A caution for readers eager to enjoy the traditional trappings of a gothic historical romance: this novel, like its protagonist, doesn’t always conform. Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove wants to be a doctor, but she is constantly blocked by societal and familial opposition. Only her father, who educates her himself, much to her mother’s concern and brother’s jealousy, wants Louisa to succeed. Shortly after his death, she is tricked into going to Wildthorn Hall, an insane asylum. Now addressed as Lucy Childs, stripped of her clothes and, ultimately, her identity, Louisa must plan her escape and uncover the betrayal that landed her in Wildthorn. While paying proper homage to women of the past wrongly locked away for an “over interest in learning,” Eagland casts just the right amount of doubt about Louisa’s sanity, with the conflicted heroine thrown into further confusion as she slowly falls for the kindnesses of a chambermaid named Eliza. Though predictable on occasion, Eagland’s debut stands out for its well-crafted treatment of an unconventional love affair. Grades 9-12. –Courtney Jones
Review –
Since I’m a fan of the movie, The Snake Pit, starring Olivia de Havilland, which is based on the autobiography of Mary Jane Ward, I loved this story.  The circumstances of how and why Louisa came to be a Wildthorn  and the time period is different but the cruelty of the staff and the very bad conditions of the institutions are the same. 
I recommend this book to anyone who like historical fiction and if you haven’t seen The Snake Pit check it out.