Cockroaches (Harry Hole #2) by Jo Nesbo

Book Description:

Published in Norwegian in 1998. Published in English: February 11, 2014

When the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel, Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case.

But once he arrives Harry discovers that this case is about much more than one random murder. There is something else, something more pervasive, scrabbling around behind the scenes. Or, put another way, for every cockroach you see in your hotel room, there are hundreds behind the walls. Surrounded by round-the-clock traffic noise, Harry wanders the streets of Bangkok lined with go-go bars, temples, opium dens, and tourist traps, trying to piece together the story of the ambassador’s death even though no one asked him to, and no one wants him to—not even Harry himself.

Review –

Harry has been traumatized by events of the previous book, The Bat, and finds the best way to cope is to stay drunk.  But his boss has other plans for Harry.

A Norwegian Ambassador has been killed in a brothel in Bangkok and Harry is sent to help solve it. He doesn’t want to go and the Bangkok police don’t want him.

Needless to say, it’s not a simple murder of a diplomatic figure. There are drug lords involved,along with gangsters and loan sharks.

Another great mystery in the Harry Hole Series.C758484C9C9106E2B09FB2547B1149C8