Deviations: A Detective Seagate and Miner Mystery # 2 by Mike Markel

Book Description

July 10, 2014
Former police detective Karen Seagate is drinking herself to oblivion and having dangerous sex with losers from the bar when the new police chief tracks her down. The brutal rape and murder of a state senator by a lone-wolf extremist gives Seagate a chance to return to the department, but the new chief has set down some rules, and Seagate is not good with rules. At this point, she is just trying to stay alive. With nothing left to lose and nobody left to trust—not even her partner, Ryan—Seagate goes off the grid to find the killer. She doesn’t care that she will be fired again. She has much bigger problems, now that she has been captured inside the neo-Nazi compound.
Review –
Don’t waste your time with this one. It failed to hold my interest and I forced myself to finish it. I haven’t given up on author, Mike Markel, just yet-hoping the next one I read is better.


The Monkey’s Raincoat by Robert Crais

14404Book Description:

published in 1987   Series: Elvis Cole

The novel that introduced Elvis Cole, L.A. Private Eye and his partner, Joe Pike.

Ellen Lang walks into Cole’s Disney-Deco office and hires Elvis to find her husband and son. Elvis and Joe search through Hollywood leads them to a world of drugs, sex and murder.

Review –

This is only the second book I have read or listened to by Robert Crais, the first being Taken, which is number 14 in the series and I enjoyed it much better simply because of the narrator. It was read by Luke Daniels and The Monkey’s Raincoat, the first in the ELVIS COLE SERIES,  was read by Patrick Lawlor and he couldn’t hold a candle to Mr. Daniels.

The plot was good and the characters, their development and interaction was good but the reader was flat. I will mostly likely purchase more of this series but I’m hoping Mr. Lawlor will improve with time. We’ll see.

The Drop by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch # 16)

Book Description

Series: Harry Bosch | Publication Date: November 28, 2011
Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD, and he wants cases more fiercely than ever. In one morning, he gets two.DNA from a 1989 rape and murder matches a 29-year-old convicted rapist. Was he an eight-year-old killer or has something gone terribly wrong in the new Regional Crime Lab? The latter possibility could compromise all of the lab’s DNA cases currently in court.Then Bosch and his partner are called to a death scene fraught with internal politics. Councilman Irvin Irving’s son jumped or was pushed from a window at the Chateau Marmont. Irving, Bosch’s longtime nemesis, has demanded that Harry handle the investigation.

Relentlessly pursuing both cases, Bosch makes two chilling discoveries: a killer operating unknown in the city for as many as three decades, and a political conspiracy that goes back into the dark history of the police department.

Review –

Harry Bosch is one of my favorite characters and in this book he’s older, wiser,softer(because of his daughter living with him) and just as detemined as ever to do what’s right.  He doesn’t care who he offends just as long as it’s done by the book.  He’s my kind of guy. Excellent book and I highly recommend it.