Mate, Part Two by Violet Haze

Book Description:

Published: January 31, 2015

Simone’s not the same woman she was when freed from that dark room all those months ago.

Isaac’s not the man she thinks he is, his desire to have her close soon overruling his sense.

And while two people can play a game, only one person will win.

Review –

Part two of this dark erotic tale starts a month after part one ends.

Again Simone is outside of the diner fixing to walk home when Isaac steps out of the shadows and scares her to death. He wants to know what he did a month ago to make her want to go home and she wants to know why his mood changed so suddenly and made her feel like she should go home. They argue, and she starts cursing.  He begins counting  the curse words and says it will go toward her punishment later. He then lifts her up and puts her in the backseat of his car. She fights but he pulls her into his lap and starts to run his hands over her body. She fighting and cursing but at the same time she’s wondering why his touches feel familiar.

He says he wants to own her and she says there is no way that it’s going to happen. She’s still  fighting  him and feels a pain and then falls to the floor between the seats and just about passes out. Isaac become so alarmed  that his he tells his driver to get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

When Simone wakes up she still hurts and is groggy and finds out she is in Isaac’s home and the baby and her babysitter are there too. She discovered that it’s been three days since she fell in the car and that she had a cracked rib and bruised several others. He wants her his home from now on and wants to take care of her. She doesn’t understand this. He comments on the baby’s name, which is Malik,  and asked why she named him that and she says it’s a way  to remember his father

Isaac only had to look at the child to know he was the father and the name Malik means MASTER  and understands why she named him the way she did, but it upsets him.

While  she is resting he finds out through his driver, Jim, that she DID NOT know that the kidnapping was a set up by her husband for her. She did not sign the appropriate papers herself, they were forged. This makes him very angry and when he found her ex-husband he beat him to a pulp and then one day walking into a strange diner he comes across her. At that moment seen her condition he wanted to take care of her and still does.

While she’s sleeping he goes into her room and sits and watches her but then he hears she say that she’s cold so he takes off his clothes and gets into bed with her. Here is where the story gets a little unbelievable – she masturbates and asks if she can come he murmurs an agreement and then while he’s asleep he has sex with her. She wakes up notices what’s happening and she tells him to stop. Since he’s asleep, he does not and she hits him and tells him to stop. When he realizes what he has done he apologizes and tells her he’s so sorry. She tells him that she liked it but it was just a little rough and please to come back to bed but he says he cannot be gentle with her and do things he wants to do so he will not get back into bed with her. She curses him again and he starts counting again. During the next week while she  is still healing he sleeps in her room and watches her sleep and he does a lot of things while she is sleeping that you will not believe and if you want to know what they are you will have to read this book. I thought is was a bit gross.

Two weeks later and she is properly healed and is watching Isaac play with the baby and hears him talk to the baby through a blanket and she realizes with a flash who he is. It’s the same voice she heard for the two months she was held captive in the dark.  She calls him every name in the book and the babysitter comes in and wants to know what’s going on so she says  give her the baby and she leaves. He then tries to explain to Simone but she’s not having it and  she starts running away from him through his house. As luck would have it she runs right to the room where he used to keep her in the dark. He tells her to strip and to get in the presentation position. When he comes back all he says in his dark gravely voice,  is “Hell-o, Cara.”

It gave me goosebumps.

Can’t wait to read the next book.

Adult dark erotica



Mate, Part One by Violet Haze

Book Description:

Published: January 14, 2015

Collared and kept as a slave for two months.
Set free and sent home, only for her whole life to completely fall apart.

Simone, a twenty-two year old single mother, has no reason to trust anyone ever again, especially the mysterious man who leaves her a generous tip after a brief conversation. Yet she can’t help being drawn to him, and soon discovers his identity, which makes her wonder what he wants with a woman like her.

Isaac is a man on a mission, and he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Simone as his own, forever.

Review –

This is part one of a four-part serial and the books are very short.

After two months of being kept in the dark and treated as a sex slave (Side note: it is during the first part of the story that we see the darkness of the “Master” and the brutal way he treats Cara. She never fought back and she’s always questioned that.) and called by the name of Cara, Simone is released and taken home only to find out that her husband paid to have her kidnapped and treated as a slave because it was one of her fantasies and finds him in bed with another woman. She cannot believe he would do such a thing especially not telling her. She divorcing him but finds herself pregnant by her kidnapper whose face she never saw and knew only by the name of “Master.”

Being a single mother with a young baby and having no real education Simone is working as a waitress at a diner and has caught the eye of a strange man who leaves her a $200 tip after seeing that she needed new shoes.

Time goes by and he doesn’t come back to the diner, then one night as Simone is leaving he steps out of the shadows and eventually walks her home.

Later he sends her a fancy blue dress and sends a driver to pick her up so they can have dinner at his penthouse. (Side note: Isaac is the man who kidnapped Simone and treated her as a sex slave for two months thinking she was in on the plan and had signed the appropriate forms. She did not and he feels terrible about it since it was rape ever time he made her have sex with him. He felt something for her then and wants her now for his own)

After the dinner, he says something  that reminds her of the man who held her captive and Isaac sensing something’s off sends her home and leaves an envelope with $2000 in it.  Needless to say, Simone is as a loss to understand his mood swings and is resentful of being left the money.

Dark Adult Erotica





Caught for Christmas (Stripped #3.5) by Skye Warren

Book Description:

Published: December 8, 2015

I’ll be home for Christmas…

The plan is simple. Break into the club and steal the money I need to save my father. The ex-military bouncer isn’t going to stop me, even if he is hot as hell.

If only in my dreams…

Except he has a curious knack for knowing my next step.

And there’s something dark underneath his desire, something dangerous. If he catches me, he might not let me go.

Review –

I’ve only read a couple of books in the Stripped series so when this one was offered free, I had nothing to lose.

Bianca has grifters for parents and they have involved her in their schemes dating back to when she was a young child.  This time she is told that her Dad has been taken hostage by the mob and they want $50,000 or else they will kill him. Bianca agrees to rob from the club the Grand, where she’s working as a stripper. She been giving most of her pay checks to her parents to pay off their other debts as it is and she sees no recourse by the steal from the club. Little does she know that the ex-Marine bouncer, West, has been watching her and so he is there when she attempts to rob the safe. He knows she’s had a rough life and can’t help but have feelings for her.

He decided to let her go and when she returns to her apartment her mother shows up wanting Bianca to let her in. She doesn’t and then finds out that her father has never been a hostage of the mob. It had all been a ruse for her to get money for them. 

West makes sure Bianca is safe and then gets rid of the grifters (making sure that they never come back into her life) and the story has a HEA ending.

There is really no Christmas connection other than the story takes place at that time of year. There is enough hot sex to melt any snowman so this is an Adult only story.



Beg for Mercy: A Dark Conclusion by Lucian Bane

Book Description:

Published: August 18, 2015

There are a couple of scenes in here that could be triggers for some abuse survivors. I did my best to be considerate of the sensitive readers while remaining true to the authenticity of the scenes.

The fight is on in this installment, Mercy is holding nothing back in her endeavor to prove to Sade he can experience love and pleasure. Sade,however has other plans and his darkness is front and center in them.

Meanwhile, Father Abraham is still on the loose with a score to settle with them all and no one is safe from his wrath.

Will love conquer all in this story? Can the heart really be used to recondition the brain? Find out what happens in this Dark Conclusion.

Review –

I think this installment of the Mercy series was rushed to a conclusion. Sade was a totally off the wall sadist and didn’t really seem to want to change and he  hurt and nearly killed Mercy in a very horrific and torturous way and in a very sexually explicit manner.

Father Abraham was dealt with much faster than I had expected but in a very gruesome way that I did not expect. A little bit of cruelty is okay but this was over the top.

Then all of a sudden Sade is a changed man and there is a HEA and a baby to boot.

Just a bit rushed for me.  Could have used another installment to tie loose ends up better. But that’s just me.



Mercy: A Dark Erotica by Lucian Bane

Book Description:

Published: March 28, 2015

As a sadomasochist, Sade just wants to get and give pain in manageable and somewhat legal doses.

All Mercy wants is to walk in her father’s footsteps–a man who sacrificed everything to save her from a life of abuse and suffering.

When Mercy finds an envelope on her doorstep leading her to Sade, the result is a collision of pain and mercy.

For Sade, Mercy’s kindness is dessert for his sadism, and her strength has his masochism hot and begging. Exploiting both for his own pleasure is his plan until he realizes that Mercy’s got her own game. And playing it requires something he’s never had.

Review –

 If you are a fan of DARK erotica, then this is the book for you. 

Sade is the sadomasochist tattoo artist who has a world of dark, dangerous, self-loathing issues.

Mercy has been saved by her “father” and trained to take care of herself because for years as a child she was kept in the sex trade.Her father has  recently died and she sees herself continuing his work by helping  troubled people with emotional baggage.. She still has her own hang-ups regarding sex and wants to also help herself . Sade and Mercy’s path collides when she finds an orange envelope with his name in it, so she assumes he was going to be her fathers next mission, so she decided to help him instead.

This story is dark, gritty, violent, suspenseful,and the ending will leave you with your mouth wide open in disbelief.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat for a roller coaster ride of emotions and out of breath at the end.

I can’t wait to read the next installment.  I have a feeling things are only going to get worse for Sade and Mercy.