Dark Alley: Club (Dark Alley #2) by D.S. Wrights

Book Description:

Published: December 28, 2015

Discovering a new form of independence and self-confidence Alice not only decides to explore her newly granted membership to the Dark Alley Club, but also her own secret desires.
Bound to secrecy by the club rules Alice gains not only a new perspective on her life, but also her best friend’s situation.
Plus, there are still so many things to find out: Who’s King of Diamonds? Will she meet Poseidon again? And who has asked her to meet him in the Club house? One of the two, or someone else entirely?

Review –

This is the second book in the Dark Alley  series and deals with Alice/ Belladonna’s next adventures at the Dark Alley. The main focus is the change between the very normal Alice and her new persona, Belladonna. When she puts on her mask and enters ‘Dark Alley’  she becomes a very different person, a very darker person.

This trip into The Dark Alley was more adventurous than the last one, so, if you like some soft BDSM with intriguing sex scenes then this is for you.



Dark Alley: Stranger (Dark Alley #1) by D. S. Wrights

Book Description:

Published: June 26, 2015

Newly single and self-confident Alice has recently decided that she doesn’t need a man to feel complete, if it wasn’t for the one activity where a man can come quite handy.
On a girl’s night out that was bound to be embarrassing and boring, since every girl of her clique is a mommy or about to become one, Alice makes a lot of interesting acquaintances and thanks to one of them she receives a mysterious invite to the “Dark Alley”.
Too curious to heed her best friend’s warnings, Alice heads out to end up having, hot, sizzling sex with a faceless stranger.

Review –


On a girl’s night out, Alice decided to make new friends and have fun. And see where this fun gets her.

Alice – who’s in her thirties, and just broke up with her boring boyfriend of four years. Her circle of girlfriends are all married with kids already, and now her best friend Bianca is heading that way too….. Alice feels all alone and a bit sorry for herself…
That’s when she meets this mysterious stranger in a bar…they don’t talk much, but she’s intrigued…and a bit later she gets an invitation to an even more mysterious club: DARK ALLEY … and that’s literally what this is – a dark alley – where club members go to have anonymous sex. That’s just what Alice was looking for at this moment in her life….

This series follows Alice through all her Dark Alley adventures…
will there be a happy end…. maybe with that first mysterious stranger??? Who knows …

It has all you  can wish for in an erotica book. A self-confident, independent woman, who knows what she wants and an anonymous sex club in a dark alley allowing for your little, dirty fantasies come true on safe terms and ground.
This book can be read as a stand-alone, although it is the first in the Dark Alley multi book series,  and I must admit that I am hooked. So many characters are skillfully introduced and yet I am left wondering who the mysterious man is that invited her, was he the first man in the alley?  Was he the second or was he on the other site of the street?

I have read books one through four and book five will be released November 17th. Can’t wait.  I believe there is going to be a total or eight books in the series.

Great read.  Hot!!!!!