Stirred Up by S.E. Hall and Angela Graham

Book Description:

Published: April 26, 2014

Certain men. Certain professions. Some things are just universally sexy.

But maybe not quite this sexy…

“Lay back for me.”

Review –
Addison and Brady, who is her brother’s best friend,  fight their feelings for each other. They are best friends and never can be more, at least that’s how Addison feels. She’s afraid if the relationship went further and it didn’t work out, it would ruin their perfect, long time friendship.

Brady is constantly pushing for more because he’s had real feelings for her as long as he can remember.
Addison is trying to figure her feelings while having a secret tryst with the handsome Dr. Reynolds, who is an OBGYN and he examines her thoroughly each time she goes to his office.  He wants to take her out in public as in date, but she says she wants to keep it private and will only see him in his office.  Eventually, he tells he does not f**k his patients and refuses to see her at his office. Without  seeing him for a few days she  finally calls in to his office and uses and fake name to get an appointment. When Dr. Reynolds walks in he plays along for a while but then tells her again that he can not carry on with her in his office. So, she bites the bullet and asks him to dinner at her house.

Of course, he comes and after some wine, one thing leads to another and they have sex and Addison makes her move and tells the doctor that she loves him but was afraid it would ruin what they had.  ARE YOU READY FOR IT?  The twist is that Dr. Reynolds and Brady are the same person.  I never saw it coming and it made me smile from ear to ear.

 It’s short and doesn’t take long to read and is well worth your time.
Adult with explicit sex



Securing It All (the Passion Series #2) By Livia Grant

Book Description:

Published: September 24, 2014

A shattered marriage is rebuilt for one couple while their two best friends navigate a newly formed relationship – both against the backdrop of theBDSM culture. Brianna Lambert’s infidelity has come with a heavy price.Being handed over by her husband for punishment by his friend and experienced dominant, Master Lukus, has not only revealed Brianna’s deep submissive nature, but allowed Markus to finally expose his hidden past as a dominant. Now the couple revives their marriage with a new dynamic – and new rules. Markus will no longer just be Brianna’s husband, but her Dom, and in the Punishment Pit where they once again found each other, Markus begins his beautiful wife’s training.
Review –
Markus and Brianna are finding their way back to each other and their marriage. It will take work on both side and won’t be easy but they want to make it happen. Mark loves being able to show him Dom side but doesn’t want to lose it with Bri the same way he did with his first wife. Bri is happy to have Markus “punish” her because she loves it and missed it before. There had been a lack of communication between them and their marriage almost ended because she wanted something that at the time she didn’t think Markus could give her – pain. She met with her old boyfriend for rough sex even though he hurt her physically in the past because he is a sadist.
Tiffany meets Lukus because of Bri and their week-end together is a whirlwind but  she’s not into submission or BDSM.Lukus and Tiffany are finding their way in their relationship too, but they are having more trouble because Tiffany just isn’t submissive and questions the “why” of everything. When Tiffany does go home Lukus has decided that he wants what Markus has and thinks he has found his special girl in Tiffany. He wants it all!

The Commitment (Unrestrained #2) by S.E. Lund

Book Description:

Published:  August 30, 2013

Despite the carefully-worded agreement meant to keep their relationship strictly professional while Kate explored BDSM for an article in her college’s newspaper, Drake and Kate broke their own rules and fell in love.
Now, in the weeks before they leave for Africa, Drake takes Kate more deeply into the D/s lifestyle. In the process, the walls between them continue to crumble as they explore each other physically and emotionally and they fall even more deeply in love. But before they can even leave Manhattan, the past returns unexpectedly to challenge their blossoming relationship.

Is Kate and Drake’s commitment to each other strong enough to stand the test?

Review –

I love this series AND Dr. Drake Morgan. The chemistry between the two main characters is realistic(for their situation),hot and addictive.

Will Drake go to Africa alone or with Kate? Will things go smoothly in Africa? Will busy-bodies try to keep them apart or break them up?  I’m not saying. Pick up this series and find out.  You will not be sorry.





This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

Publisher’s Summary

“Tell the story of your marriage,” my young friend Niki says to me. “Write down how it is you have a happy marriage” But the story of my marriage, which is the great joy and astonishment of my life, is too much like a fairy tale, the German kind, unsweetened by Disney.

 This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage is a very real love story, and one that is much more about the journey than the destination. Chock full of beauty, truth, and humor, and, in trademark Ann Patchett style, possessing an uncanny ability to feel both surprising and familiar at the same time, this essay is a perfect, if unconventional, holiday listen. 

Review –

This was a short story that was offered free by Audible.  It was pleasant to listen to but I probably will not read or listen to anything by this author again because I’m more into the horror,crime fiction and young adult  genres with a occasional love story throw in for good measure.