Aunt Dimity Goes West (Aunt Dimity Mysteries #12)by Nancy Atherton


Book Description

Release date: January 29, 2008 | Series: Aunt Dimity Mystery
The world’s original paranormal detective returns
Nancy Atherton ‘s Aunt Dimity series has charmed its way into the hearts of mystery fans everywhere, finding a larger audience with each new book. In Aunt Dimity Goes West, Atherton’s vivid storytelling and knack for bringing a setting to life will have fans lassoed to their chairs. Lori Shepherd, still recovering from her most recent adventure, is taking a vacation with her family in the beautiful mountain town of Bluebird, Colorado. But there’s something amiss at their seemingly perfect vacation home. Is the place cursed or is a sinister human hand shaping its eerie reputation? With Aunt Dimity’s help, Lori sets out to solve a hundred- year-old mystery and discovers that sometimes the strangest places can seem the most like home.
Review –
I really enjoyed this installment of the Aunt Dimity Mystery Series because it was action packed (not like the last one wasn’t-but this one held my interest better), took place in the United State, namely Colorado and we met another paranormal entity equal to Aunt Dimity.  Cyril, the new character, made his way to the “other side” so we won’t be hearing from him again and maybe that’s a bad thing. Anyway, this book really called to me and even had me shedding tears near the end. It is not a sad ending at all, the words just got to me.  I love this series, but I hate the new cover art.