Shooting Stars and Other Deadly Things (Carrie Carlin Mysteries #3) by Nancy Tesler


Book Description

Publication Date:November 16, 2012

Book Three
Carrie Carlin, divorcée, supermom, biofeedback therapist and sometime solver of murders, mostly by chance is in hot water again. Guy-friend, detective Ted Brodsky, who jokingly nicknames her Curious Georgette, is less than pleased when Carrie seems to be more interested in a homicide investigation on his turf than she is in his matrimonial aspirations.
When a local philanthropist is killed by a hit-and-run biker, the police call the death accidental because no weapon is found at the scene. “Not so,” says the only witness, Franny Gold, the elderly owner of an antique shop near Carrie’s office. Franny insists the biker deliberately aimed for the woman’s head, throwing a “lasso kind of thing” with a metal star-like object attached to it. Now Franny is being stalked. How can Carrie, whose job it is to help people cope with pain and stress, not take the terrified Franny into her home? And how, despite Ted’s displeasure, can she remain uninvolved when she inadvertently learns about the victim’s less-than-virtuous life which included a “Cinderella” step-daughter, a bizarre will, and many lovers, among them a prominent lawyer?
But when Carrie gets clipped on the head by a star-shaped metal “Frisbee” while talking to the victim’s husband, Ted’s patience with her meddling begins to fray. Then Franny’s stalker starts stalking Carrie and a mysterious Japanese gentleman appears with a warning. Carrie’s unquenchable curiosity propels her into a web of Asian mob intrigue, white slavery, and corruption in high places where exploitation and murder are part of the big money game, and a nosy amateur sleuth is an annoying mosquito to be swatted if she gets in the way….
Review –
This is an easy read that it fast paced and takes your mind of more serious things for a while.  I will continue to read this series.