Pink Balloons and Other Deadly Things by


Book Description

Release date: May 12, 1997
Carrie Carlin is trying to juggle single life in the suburbs, two frisky children, and a full-time career. Through it all she’s got to stand by while her estranged husband flaunts his new, young, gorgeous fiancee, Erica. When Erica turns up dead, Carrie–the jealous ex-wife– becomes a prime suspect. But with the help of the fine Detective Ted Brodsky, Carrie will uncover the truth–and prevail
Review –
I  choose this book because the author was new to me and the storyline fit into
the line of books I like such as, cozy mysteries,humorous crime fiction and fast
The storyline held my interest and was hard to put down.
The book was full of humor but not overdone and Carrie is kind of like the  Lucille Ball character in I Love Lucy, always sticking her nose in places it doesn’t belong and then getting in dangerous trouble.
A very pleasant read and I love the cover.
I’m looking
forward to reading more of this series.