Cold Cold Heart by Karin Slaughter

Book Description:

Published March 23rd 2006 
In the short story Cold Cold Heart audio book, Pam did her role as a loyal, honest wife for twenty years. She and John enjoyed their friends, careers, and a special son. Just like the vows state, for richer for poorer, for better for worse, they lived their lives. All the way up to the day tragedy struck their family. John betrayed his wife in the most public of ways, leaving to a lucrative new life. For the next three years, John becomes richer while Pam not as fortunate becomes poorer. John’s life keeps getting better while Pam’s becomes worse. But then something happens! A reversal of fortune brings them back together, and Pam finally gets the chance for revenge. A revenge that even John could never have dreamed of …
Review –
When their son died John was inconsolable and all of the decisions for burial were left to Pam. Distance between them became greater because  of his grief so Pam suggested he write a book about it. He did and became RICH overnight and left Pam for greener and younger pastures.
Now, out of the blue, he calls her and says he’s dying and wants to see her. She almost doesn’t go. She is very bitter because since he left she has had to struggle for even everyday mundane things. But he sends her a first class ticket and so she goes. He is indeed dying and tells her he wants to be cryogenically  preserved and she can hardly believe her ears. He says he wants her to read his journals and while she doesn’t really want to, she does. While she’s reading, the people from the cryo lab are packing small bags of ice to put around the body when he dies, even his new young wife is helping. Pam can’t believe what she’s reading. It seems that during their entire twenty year marriage he’d been cheating with several different women and she knew he had her read the journals only to hurt her. After belittling her more he dies and the people in lab coats rush in to start packing the body in ice. She asks if she can be left alone with him for a while and they agree. Minutes later she leaves with an ice cooler and flies back to Georgia.  She waits  a few years and flies back to California to the cryo lab and the ice cooler in which is stored his penis and a slice of their wedding cake. Now who has the last laugh!!!!!!!!
This is a very short audio book and I loved it.