Home Free by Fern Michaels

Book Description

Series: The Sisterhood | Publication Date: April 1, 2011
New Beginnings For The Sisterhood – United by a desire to overcome their personal misfortunes, seven very different women formed an indelible bond and vowed to right wrongs wherever they found them. They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. After years known as the Vigilantes, Myra, Annie, Kathryn, Alexis, Yoko, Nikki, and Isabelle are enjoying their hard-won freedom and the chance at a normal life. As it turns out, once you’re a part of the Sisterhood, normal is a relative term. President Martine Connor, their long-time ally, has announced the formation of a top-secret organization. Officially, the CIC won’t exist. Unofficially, they’ll report directly to the president and tackle the jobs no one else can handle. For the Sisterhood, it’s the end of an era – and the beginning of a whole new adventure…
Review –
I was sad at the way this book ended but I can understand why the author had to end it the way she did because the characters growth was becoming stunted.  Now I’m looking forward to the next installment see how the “new” group of “sisters”  form an even more formidable unit and the bad guys better look out.