Happy New Year 2016


I can’t believe that another year has come and gone, although there were a few days that I wish had passed double time and others that I would have liked to go on and on.

Last year I set my book reading goal at  155 books and according to GoodReads I read 298 even though my blog reading log shows 305. The reason I was able to read so many more over my goal is that I discovered a new genre (at least, new to me) EROTIC ROMANCE which, of course, has many sub genres. Most of these book are not long in length and several of them I didn’t list on GoodReads because the results show up on my Facebook page and I didn’t want my friends and family to see me as a pervert, plus there are about 30 more books that I didn’t even review because they were severely smutty and there were no words to describe my feelings about them. My goal for 2016 is to forget about everyone else and review EVERY book I read no matter the genre or subject matter.  There is nothing wrong with reading Erotic Romances and others in the sub genres and I’m a grown woman and if people are offended by the books I read, too bad. So there! (Now, let’s hope I can do it)

I love all books, physical, e-books, free digital books, children’s books, mystery books, thrillers, dramas,young adult and erotic romance and I’m looking forward to this New Year and all the books in my future.

This year I, again,  have decided not to take part in any reading challenges  other than the one on GoodReads because sometimes  I feel stymied by the subject of the challenge or it’s length.