Happy New Year 2019


Last year I set my book reading goal at 225 books and according to GoodReads I read 240 even though my blog reading log shows 238 ( I still don’t understand why the figures won’t jive). I enjoy books from several genres/sub-genres, some being, young adult, new adult, crime fiction, foreign crime fiction, children books, poetry, mysteries,thrillers,contemporary romances and erotica, My  goal for 2019 is to review the books I feel very strongly about and to just list the others in the reading log and I’ve set my goal for 2019 to read 230 books.

I discovered seventy authors who were new to me last year and I look forward to reading more from them and making it a point to read more from debut authors.

I love all books, big, heavy, hard to hold hardbacks, e-books,soft cover books, etc. This year I, again, have decided not to take part in any reading challenges other than the one on GoodReads because sometimes I feel stymied by the subject of the challenge or it’s length. 

I’m looking forward to all the books in my future!


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