Sheer Torment (Sheer Submission Part Two) by Hannah Ford

Book Description:

Published: January 15, 2018

Format: E-Book

Stay away from her.

The words burned against my brain, searing hot. Then another thought, more dangerous than the first.

Tie her wrists, brand her, teach her.

She was wearing a dress that was a size too small, and I knew immediately she didn’t have a boyfriend waiting for her at home, because no man would have let her out of the house in that.

The dress was red. Short. A sweetheart neckline that was supposed to make her look innocent, but did nothing except push her full curves up and over the material. Her hair was dirty blond and long, tousled around her shoulders.

She was sipping a glass of champagne and looking around nervously, her wide eyes flicking from person to person at the party, as if she were afraid she was going to get caught.

What have you done, bad girl? Something you should be punished for?

My palm burned as I imagined taking her over my knee, that short little dress pushed up, the place between her legs pulsing.

The feeling of desire I had looking at her was like an electric shock to my soul.

My instincts said to leave her alone, that this would end in nothing but tragedy. My instincts had always served me well in the past.

But this time, I decided to ignore them.

An innocent girl.

A ruthless man.

An inevitable, sordid devastation…


First of all, I can’t believe they used the same blurb for Part Two as they did for Part One.  Bad move. It doesn’t give the reader a glimmer of what to expect, and if the blurb is the same maybe there’s nothing new worth reading about in the second installment. BUT, I purchased Part Two and …

It takes up right where Part One ended.

Landon comes to Aven’s apartment to return her purse (which she forgot as she ran out the door) and to tell her that he DID NOT kidnap her sister. The suite they were in a Company suite so Connor was most likely there with Violet at one time or another. He notices her choice in wine and pours it down the sink and sees her old coffee maker. He promptly orders her a case of his favorite red wine and a fancy espresso machine. This upset me because what if she doesn’t like espresso or like HIS taste in wine? I thought he was being snobbish.

Landon tells her that he thinks Connor is in Vermont and he will take them there by private jet in the morning but she will HAVE TO spend the night with him. She feels like has to do it if she wants to find her sister so off they go to his Penthouse apartment.

Once at the Penthouse, he coaxed her into swimming and having “almost” sex (doing everything but intercourse  and she tells him she’s a virgin and he tells her “he’s going to ruin her for any other man”.

While in the pool a reporter somehow gains access to the apartment and starts asking him if he has any comment on the stalking case he settled with another woman and yells to Even “Do you know this man is a convicted stalker?”

Landon gets rid of her and then proceeds to roughly take Aven’s virginity. END.

The third installment isn’t out yet but I’ll be buying it when it does, even if the blurb is the same as Parts One and Two.

Same cover with a different title. Do covers bother you as much as they bother me?



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