The Black Room: Door Three (Black Room #3)by Jasinda Wilder and Jade London

Book Description:

Published: November 18, 2016

Warning: reader discretion is highly advised. This novel contains vivid depictions, fantasies, and relationships. Mature readers only, please.

Who is he? And who will he be after you’ve stepped over the threshold of the third door?

Will he dominate you? Share you? Love you?

To find out, you know what you have to do:

Step forward…

Turn the knob…

Step through into THE BLACK ROOM.

Review –



Door three picks up right where door two left off. The mountain man, Conrad Killian, has purchased Hannah for sexual companionship and the journey to his cabin will take four days by horseback, in the snow and through a mountain pass.

On their journey they meet Charlie, a drifter, who shares their fire one night. He tries to buy Hannah from Conrad but of course Conrad refuses and Charlie threatens him, saying he’s made a big mistake.

Once at the cabin, which is small and very utilitarian, with only one bed,  Hannah tells him she’s not ready for sex  and he tells her she will be and tells her to get undressed down to a thin wool slip. He doesn’t insist on sex that night because they are both tired from all the traveling. He tells her to give their situation a month and if she’s not happy he will take her  to Denver and set her up. She agrees.

Conrad tells her he lost his wife in an Indian battle and has been a recluse ever since.

Days go by and Hannah finds herself very sexually attracted to the handsome mountain man and one thing leads to another and they have very hot sex, A LOT!  It goes on like that until one day Charlie shows up at the cabin and kidnaps Hannah. They get several miles away and Conrad tracks them down and kills Charlie and on their way back to the cabin they are surrounded by an Indian party. The indians want Hannah and the horses by Conrad talks them into taking only his horse and coming to the cabin for some others. Hannah and Conrad have hot  sex on the porch after the Indian go and afterwards he tells her she has to go. He opens the door and she walks through leaving him behind.

Everything is quiet and she’s back in the BLACK ROOM on the white cot with the small black table to her left and on it the thick white candle. Now there are only five doors, three black, one silver and one green.

Hannah wants Conrad back, any version of him, and so she gets up and goes to door four and turns an ornate brass doorknob  and steps over a threshold .  Can anyone say CLIFFHANGER?

Door three has been my favorite so far because of the time period it takes place  and the handsome mountain man who was a kind, attentive, and very skilled lover.

Five stars *****