The Black Room: Door Two (Black Room #2) by Jasinda Wilder and Jade London

Book Description :

Published: November 18, 2016

Warning: reader discretion is highly advised. This story contains vivid depictions, fantasies, and relationships. Mature readers only, please.

The second door stands in front of you.

Who—and what—awaits on the other side?

Every passion, every fantasy, and every desire will be met…if you turn the knob.

But do you dare?

Step forward…

Turn the handle…

Step through into THE BLACK ROOM.

Review –


So once she leaves the “fighter” she’s back in the BLACK ROOM on the cot with the black side table with the candle on top. Almost immediately  she goes to door two and opens it and walks right into a beautiful high-rise apartment. She hears voices and smells bacon and finds a very handsome man cooking breakfast. There is another couple there also.

It seems she and the man fixing breakfast had a bad argument the night before and of course she has no idea what about but with certain cues from him she thinks he wanted to have a three-way and she didn’t. So, she suggests that’s what they do and soon the other man is there and they have a three-way. After some time and some very explicit sex, they stop but then the woman is there and so the female, who is going from door to door, invites the woman to join in and so another three-way is started. One it’s over she knows it’s time to go and ends up back in the BLACK ROOM and soon goes to door number three and ends up on a stage with 19 other women. Several men are in the room purchasing the women and a good-looking man with a beard buys her and off they go on horseback. 

Since I’ve never fantasized about a MMF or a FFM door two didn’t do a whole lot for me. I gave it four out of five stars.