Strangers on a Train (Nancy Drew Diaries #2) by Carolyn Keene

Book Description:

Published: February 5, 2013

The new Nancy Drew series from Simon & Schuster, Nancy Drew Diaries, debuted February 2013 with volumes 1 and 2 and then two more to follow the rest of the year and around 3 more each year thereafter. This series harkens back to the Nancy Drew books of the past where Nancy and her friends will rely more on their wits and their brains (much like classic Nancy Drew) to solve mysteries instead of relying so much on technology like they did in the Girl Detective series. There is also an illustrator for the series, Emily McGuire. There are also going to be hardcover versions with dust jackets in addition to the regular paperback versions. And the stories will be a bit longer as well. This series targets the 8 to 12 age group.

Nancy and her friends take their detective skills on an Alaskan adventure in this second book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to a classic series.Nancy’s Alaskan adventure continues as she, Bess, and George disembark the mystery-plagued Arctic Star cruise ship and explore the grand sites of the forty-ninth state: Skagway; the Yukon territory, and Denali National Park. It’s spectacular scenery, but things start to go wrong almost immediately, leading Nancy to believe that whoever was behind the unsolved mayhem aboard the ship has followed them onto dry land. The girl detectives had better watch their steps—they’re on uncharted and unknown territory!

Review –

OMG, isn’t anything sacred?  

They (and I really don’t know who is to blame) updated the Nancy Drew stories to fit in with modern-day language and technology and seemed to have removed Nancy’s brain at the same time.  Countless times in this book she says “Huh?” in answer to a question. In the original series Nancy was smart and articulate and a real role model for young girls and now she’s incapable of forming sentences when asked a simple question.  

The story was a continuation from the first in the series, The Arctic Star, (which  I did not read) and it was slow, boring and the dialogue trite. I had the audio version and couldn’t wait until it was over.  I gave it two stars and that was a stretch!




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