Undenied (Unspoken #3) by Maya Banks

Book Description:

Published: May 8, 2007

Another chance to make a night gone bad very, very right.

Payton Ricci is the last person Wes Hoffman ever expected orwanted to see again. After the disastrous sexual experience between them twelve years ago, he was only too happy to put the whole episode behind him. After all, he’s come a long way since that awkward encounter between two gawky teenagers, and his ego needs no reminder.

The night he sees Payton—a very sexy grown up Payton—in Zack’s Bar and Grill, he’s mortified by this blast from the past. Payton harbors no such reservations about seeing Wes again, and it’s clear she wouldn’t mind catching up on old times. However, Wes can’t get over his mental block where she’s concerned.

But that’s nothing a blindfold and a little mad seduction scheme can’t fix, and Payton is a very determined woman.

Review –

A short story concerning the first time a teen-age couple had sex which was the first time EVER  for them both. Each has a completely different view of the occurrence and Wes can’t get past his perception and is embarrassed because he felt  he was inept and clumsy and he hurt Payton.  Payton had been told it would hurt and it did, but other than that she thought it was sweet.

Payton pursues Wes and finally convinces him things are fine between them and she wants a grown-up relationship with him. It takes him a while but he gives in and they have their HEA.

Adult with explicit sex





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