Submerged by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Book Description:

Published: February 20, 2013

From the international bestselling author that brought you CHILDREN OF THE FOG comes a terrifying new thriller that will leave you breathless…

Two strangers submerged in guilt, brought together by fate…

After a tragic car accident claims the lives of his wife, Jane, and son, Ryan, Marcus Taylor is immersed in grief. But his family isn’t the only thing he has lost. An addiction to painkillers has taken away his career as a paramedic. Working as a 911 operator is now the closest he gets to redemption—until he gets a call from a woman trapped in a car.

Rebecca Kingston yearns for a quiet weekend getaway, so she can think about her impending divorce from her abusive husband. When a mysterious truck runs her off the road, she is pinned behind the steering wheel, unable to help her two children in the back seat. Her only lifeline is a cell phone with a quickly depleting battery and a stranger’s calm voice on the other end telling her everything will be all right.

Review –

Fantastic book that will keep you on the edge of your chair, especially during the scenes in which Rebecca is being bumped from behind by a huge truck with hunting lights on the top of the cab and when she is in the river in a slowed submerging car.

Marcus is a  911 operator, having lost his former job as a paramedic during to stealing drugs and being an addict. He lost is wife and son in a similar accident and now is determined to save Rebecca and her children from the same fate.

During his extremely brave rescue(all on his own) of Rebecca and her children in the submerging car, he used a tool to break out the driver’s side window and cut the seat belt call a “Res Q Me tool” and I was so impressed and determined never to be in the same situation as Rebecca that I put  the audio book on pause and ordered one from Amazon, here’s the link: 

Even though the story is predictable for the most, part the identity of the person who orchestrated the attempt on Rebecca’s life was a surprise.

If you like “life and death” situations in a crime mystery where the hero is not all shiny, this is the book for you.

I love it!


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