There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell! by Lucille Colandro

Book Description:

Published: January 1, 2008

It all started when the old lady swallowed a bell, one that jingled and jangled and tickled as well. Soon she’s swallowing velvety bows, gifts to go with the bows, sacks to hold the gifts and so on, right up until she swallows Santa’s sleigh and reindeer! Then she hears a jolly “Ho! Ho! Ho!” — Santa Claus is waiting for a ride! How will she get everything back to Santa in time for Christmas?

Kids will be calling out with excitement, guessing what’s coming next — and, as with the original, the rollicking, repeating rhymes ensure that they will read along! The rhyming text and funny illustrations are sure to appeal to young readers.

Review –


I enjoyed this book even more than There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat, partly, because this  is a Christmas book and also because I love the rhyming in this story. Kids of all ages will enjoy this book but especially the younger ones that enjoy being read to and love to look at the quirky illustrations by Jared Lee.

I will be mailing a couple of these to my niece and her cousin the first week in December and I know they are going to love them. I know this because I loved it too.



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