Betrayed (Rosato & Di Nunzio #2) by Lisa Scottoline

Book Description:

Published: November 25, 2014

The women of Rosato & Associates return, after the relaunch of the series that started with Accused. This second entry, Betrayed, stars Judy Carrier, who has had the starring role in only one previous Rosato book. WhenBetrayed opens, Judy Carrier finds herself at a crossroads in her life. Her best friend, Mary DiNunzio, has just become partner and is about to become a bride, leaving Judy vaguely out of sorts. She’s not jealous, but she’s not happy either and she’s wondering where her own career and love life are going. To make matters worse, she is rocked to her emotional foundations when she learns that her beloved Aunt Barb has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She races to her aunt’s side, and so does Judy’s mother, only to find that her aunt is dealing with the sudden death of a friend who had been helping her through chemo. The friend, Iris Juarez, was an undocumented worker at a local farm, but her death doesn’t look natural at all, to Judy. Judy begins to investigate, following a path that leads her into an underground world far more dangerous than she ever imagined. Judy has to dig to uncover what happened to Iris, and at the same time unearth the secrets in her own family.

Review –

I wasn’t  a real fan of the  Rosato & Di Nunzio  series when I started it because of the narrator of the first book I listened to, Accused. Since then I have listened to more and have come to overlook the narrators that bug me and appreciate the ones that do a good job but mostly just appreciate the story lines.

Judy Carrier is front and center in this installment of the series and the book is a stand alone. She is an associate at the all woman law firm run by Bennie Rosato with her best friend, Mary Di Nunzio being Bennie’s partner.

Judy feels left out and a bit jealous of Mary. Mary has a great boyfriend, whom she will be marrying soon, while Judy’s boyfriend is annoying, rough, takes her for granted and dull. Also Mary is a partner and that makes her Judy’s boss and she’s not sure how to feel about that.

The events of her Aunt’s cancer and then the death of her Aunt’s best friend, takes her mind off of herself for awhile but then her life comes crashing down when she decides to dump her boyfriend of many years and finds out the Aunt Barb is really her biological mother.

I love the chemistry between the major characters and the witty dialogue.

It’s a great book  with strong female characters and I highly recommend it.