Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever by Don Freeman

Book Description:

Published: August 1, 2001

Halloween is almost here, and Corduroy can’t wait! He is going to have a party. He and his friends will carve a jack-o’-lantern, bob for apples, and go trick-or-treating! But there is one problem-Corduroy needs to choose a costume. What will he wear?

Review –

This is the book I chose for Camille who with two the first part of December.

Corduroy and his friends help the people in their town decorate for Halloween and everyone is very excited about  going Trick or Treating and shop for costumes but Corduroy can’t decide what he wants to be.  Finally, he buys a dinosaur mask and goes home and MAKES an elaborate costume to match.

The party is about to begin when Puppy comes crying and tells Corduroy that his costume has fallen to pieces. Corduroy sees how distraught Puppy is so he gives him the dinosaur costume.  Everyone comes and the party is a hit but Corduroy has no costume. When it’s time to go Trick or Treating he pulls a white cloth off of the table and cuts eyes and goes as a ghost.

Great story and I think Camille will love it.




Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy by Tim Bugbird

Book Description:

Published: August 1, 2014

Pippa uses her special wand to make pumpkin lanterns with “BOO” faces for the fairies’ annual party. One year, it all goes wrong for Pippa, but instead of telling the truth, she lets the other fairies believe that her lanterns will be the best ever! Soon, everyone is talking about Pippa, but what will happen when the truth finally comes out?
Review –
It’s that time of year again when I send my niece, Kate, and her cousin, Camille, books for Halloween and this one goes to Kate because she’s two and a half and the older of the two girls.
The story is weak but Kate will love it and the illustrations are beautiful with larger than life fairy faces and bright vibrant colors.