The Cruelest Month (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #3) by Louise Penny

Book Description:

Published: March 1, 2008

Many mystery buffs have credited Louise Penny with the revival of the type of traditional murder mystery made famous by Agatha Christie. . . . The book’s title is a metaphor not only for the month of April but also for Gamache’s personal and professional challenges — making this the series standout so far.’
–Sarah Weinman

Welcome to Three Pines, where the cruellest month is about to deliver on its threat.
It’s spring in the tiny, forgotten village; buds are on the trees and the first flowers are struggling through the newly thawed earth. But not everything is meant to return to life. . .
When some villagers decide to celebrate Easter with a seance at the Old Hadley House, they are hoping to rid the town of its evil — until one of their party dies of fright. Was this a natural death, or was the victim somehow helped along?
Brilliant, compassionate Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the SQ (Sûreté du Québec) is called to investigate, in a case that will force him to face his own ghosts as well as those of a seemingly idyllic town where relationships are far more dangerous than they seem.

Review –

Five stars *****

I am truly loving this series. It reminds me of the old Agatha Christie mysteries except these have a man in the role of the solver of crimes. 

I also like how, again ,the murderer turns out to be someone least expected-and you find out that all is never as it seems.

In this installment, Gamache’s so-called friend leaks under rumors and pictures to the newspapers and television in the hopes that it will make him resign and be the subject of such shame that he will have to leave town. BUT, this does not happen and he is found out is resigns and moves out of the area. I was thrilled that he finally got caught,

I’m currently listening to the next in the series and will report on it very soon.