The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

Book Description:

Published: August 18, 2015

#1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense Jonathan Kellerman delivers a riveting standalone thriller featuring the unforgettable Grace Blades. Master psychologist by day, seductive adrenaline junkie by night, Grace has a very dark past—one that’s about to bleed into a terrifying present.

Review –

Five stars *****

Alex Delaware move over and make room for Grace Blades!  

Jonathan Keller has hit a home run with his new stand alone novel about Dr. Grace Blades, a psychologist who works with troubled souls who  have experienced  great loss in their lives and are trying to deal with it. She also likes to “leap” occasionally and pick up  strange men for a one night stand and she likes to do dangerous things like driving 120 mph with her eyes closed.

As a child of five, Grace witnesses her mother  kill her father and then commit suicide. She never thought of them as her parents and in her mind she calls them “the strangers”. She is then shuttled from foster home to foster home and through a tragedy comes to find the home she has always looked for.

A man that she has picked up the night before comes to see her very troubled,and once they realize what happened  between them last night, though awkward, is something they can deal with.  He begins to tell her something about his family and then abruptly leaves saying that he may call her the next day.  He never does because he is found stabbed to death and this sets Grace on a roller coaster of feelings and moods that lead to things that happened in her past as a foster child and other children she met.

Though Grace is a certified psychologist, in my mind she is not the most stable person but she is very likeable and the author gives us all of her back story so we know why she acts the way she does. I sincerely hope that Mr. Kellerman plans to write more books dealing with Grace Blades because he has made her one of my favorite book characters,!!!!!

I HIGHLY recommend this book.      I had the audio version and the narrator really brought the character to life.