Andre’s Taxing Affair by Nikki Sex

Book Description:

Published: Unknown

André, the sexy French sexual counsellor, the man who LOVES all women, finally meets a woman he doesn’t like. Ms. Kim Witherspoon is an uptight, bullying IRS investigator who is auditing his accounts.


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Review – 

This is a short story about the sexy as hell Andre and it seems he has been called in to the IRS  to prove some of the deductions he has taken are work related.

Ms. Witherspoon  doesn’t  look up when he comes into the room and doesn’t speak to him just lets him sit and stew.  Andre gets madder by the minute because he has never been treated this way. The office is hot and he started to perspire, something he never does.

Finally, Ms. Witherspoon asks him a St. Andrew’s Cross, a kneeler, a suspension rack, a spanking horse, a whipping post and other things and Andre does his best to tell her they are related to his job as a sex counselor.  He notices that as he’s explaining, Ms. Withersppon is becoming aroused and Andre sees this as his chance so he takes her in hand as he would a new submissive and seducers her and pleasures her all the ways a man can. Afterwards, we find out the Andre and Ms. Witherspoon were role-playing in a new play room in his sex club. They agree that they, together, should try out each new room as they are added.

It is a hot, steamy story and I gave it five stars *****.






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