Accuse (Abuse #2) by Nikki Sex

Book Description:

Published; May 3, 2015

Isolated by the dark secrets he carries, Grant Wilkinson, the damaged and decorated war hero, has always seen himself as a monster. He’s finally getting his life on track by embracing the help he needs from Renata Koreman, the equally damaged little mouse.

André Chevalier saw Grant and Renata’s ragged edges as puzzle pieces that would fit flawlessly together. He made the right decision when he put the Monster and the Mouse together.

There’s just one problem:

Did Grant murder his father?

Review –

If I thought  ABUSE was fantastic, ACCUSE is super fantastic!

The chemistry between Grant and Renata is hot and she is so gentle with him while trying to get him to touch her or even just hold her hand. When he’s able to get passed of lot of his intimacy problems the sex they have is “set the pages on fire” hot. 

In addition to the sexual aspect  of the story we also have a murder investigation going on, a child molestation coming to the surface, a cocaine addicted brother who loses custody of his son to Grant, and Renata’s panic attacks.

At the end of this book Grant finds out that along with he and his brother, Alex, there were other boys that were molested by his father and though he is being charged for his father’s murder,  he is firmly determined to find out the real killer  and bring him to justice.

Loved it!!!!!!!



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