The Bargaining by Carly Anne West

Book Description:

Published: February 17, 2015

The fact that neither of her parents wants to deal with her is nothing new to Penny. She’s used to being discussed like a problem, a problem her mother has finally passed on to her father. What she hasn’t gotten used to is her stepmother…especially when she finds out that she’ll have to spend the summer with April in the remote woods of Washington to restore a broken-down old house.Set deep in a dense forest, the old Carver House is filled with abandoned antique furniture, rich architectural details, and its own chilling past. The only respite Penny can find away from April’s renovations is in Miller, the young guy who runs the local general store. He’s her only chance at a normal, and enjoyable, summer.But Miller has his own connection to the Carver House, and it’s one that goes beyond the mysterious tapping Penny hears at her window, the handprints she finds smudging the glass panes, and the visions of children who beckon Penny to follow them into the dark woods. Miller’s past just might threaten to become the terror of Penny’s future….

Review –
This is a really creepy, read in the dark, murder mystery, who-dun-it!
Penny, not all liking her step-mother,April, is forced to go with her to help renovate an old spooky house out in the woods into a bed and breakfast so it can be resold. Right away Penny notices that things are a bit off here in the woods and in the creepy house with a mural on one bedroom wall which includes a boy with red hair and green eyes. The more she looks into the real story behind the mural the more she gets creeped out and finds out that April has been having the same feelings. After many bazaar,macabre things happen they live and go back to the city and live HEA. (I couldn’t resist)
Truly the story is wonderful and the characters have many layers and the mystery is solved at the end and it is something you don’t see coming.  Really creepy.   Five stars *****

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