Fractured,Shattered and Scarred (Mend Me Series 1-3) by Evelyn Rosado


Book Description:

Published: February 27, 2014

No matter how far away you go or how hard you try to run, some secrets will always follow you.

Selena Appelton is a freshman at State College – ready to purse her academic aspirations and ready to put her tragic past behind her. Content on focusing on keeping her scholarship, she tries her best to keep her head in the books and not on the pitfalls of college life – parties, drugs and boys. That is until campus bad boy, Heath Gibson shows interest in her despite her inner resistance.

Selena struggles with following her heart, trying to escape her past, not knowing Heath may be the one to heal her scars.

This 13,000+ word novelette contains adult content. 18+ only!


Book Description:

Published: July 31, 2014

Some scars heal and sometimes old wounds reopen when you least expect it.

Within weeks of meeting each other, plus size freshman, Selena Appleton is swept away by campus bad boy Heath Gibson. What started out as a steamy dalliance between them now has blossomed into something beyond their wildest expectations.

Selena is finally learning to cope with her dark past, formed a relationship a new bff and her feelings for Heath deepen with each passing moment. But, just when Selena is on the cusp of the breakthrough she most desperately needs, a haunting revelation threatens to shatter her world to pieces.

This 16,000+ word novelette contains adult content. 18+ only!


Book Description:

Published: August 18, 2014

Love. Pain. Passion.

Secrets buried in the seemingly tranquil small town of Westbrook have finally bubbled to the surface.

Selena Gibson finally thought she had the one thing which eluded her the most – a man who could empathize with her pain. After a shocking revelation from Heath, Selena is poised to move forward and pick up the shattered pieces of her life. Struggling to leave the past behind and carve out a new story of her life she realizes behind every new turn is a struggle. Never one to back down for a fight, Selena just may be running out of strength.

This 14,000+ word conclusion to the series contains adult content. 18+

Review –

This was the worst series that I have ever read. The first book was okay, the second was less than okay, and the third – let’s just say that even one star is too good for it.

The storyline would have been better if the characters were fleshed out a bit more and we had more background on Selena and Heath. Heath just seemed too damaged from the beginning and the author never really gave him a chance to redeem himself.  Selena, although she had been through a horrible ordeal (almost dying in a head on car accident-not her fault-being in a coma for 46 days and having to learn to walk all over again) BUT was continually stuck in the past. Her whole world revolved around the past and I don’t think she would have known how to move on if she really tried. Heath came into her life and I waited for her to make him more important than herself but it never happened. 

When she finds out that Heath was the drunk driver that caused the accident and killed her best friend, she freaked. and it’s fair to say that would have been anyone’s reaction. BUT, she loved him, or else she was fooling herself about loving him because she didn’t try hard enough to forgive him. I know, it would have been difficult, but I still believe and maybe I’m wrong-but LOVE CAN CONQUER ALL.

The series ended very abruptly to say the least, almost mid-sentince.  Nothing was resolved. We don’t know what happened to Heath, if Selena continued therapy and eventually found she could forgive him and herself, if she continued in college or dropped out. i was horribly disappointed in the author and will NOT read anymore of her books.

Horrible ending to what could have been a good story.

###### Side Note #####

This was classified as a BBW  EROTIC ROMANCE and that was a misnomer. Selena might have been heavier than the typical college cheerleader, size zero type girl, but she wasn’t HEAVY. The book described her as “curvaceous”. The Erotic part almost non-existent. The sex in the book was totally typical for a contemporary romance novel and ROMANCE  part was sadly written.