Creatures of Appetite by Todd Travis

Book Description:

Published: February 5, 2014

They call it The Heartland Child Murders.

Everyone else calls it a nightmare. Locked doors don’t stop him. He leaves no trace behind. He only takes little girls.

His nickname… The Iceman.

A deranged serial killer roams wintry rural Nebraska with a demented purpose no one can fathom. Special Agent EMMA KANE, a former DC cop and damaged goods now with the FBI, is assigned to babysit burnt-out profiler JACOB THORNE, once the best in the business but now said to have lost his edge, as they both fly to Nebraska to catch this maniac.

Thorne is erratic, abrasive and unpredictably brilliant, but what he and Kane find in the heartland is much more than anyone bargained for, especially when the Iceman challenges them personally.

The clock is ticking and a little girl’s life is on the line.

And maybe even more with that, once they find out what he’s really up to.


This book has frank and profane adult language within… this is often how many a law enforcement officer speaks, in my experience. Not all, but many, very many.

The book also has violence and adult situations, but the profanity is the only thing that some folks have been noting, for some odd reason, so I’m warning you now that it has profanity.

Review –

This is a story of a serial killer in the Heartland who kills young girls, usually ages 7-12. Two FBI agents are sent to help the local authorities because Thorne, a very gruff man, who has no friends and doesn’t want any, has the uncanny knack of solving crimes just like this one. Kane, on the other hand, wants to be more than a pretty face and body and earn some respect after having had a bad situation on her last job with the DC police, where she ending up killing three men.

This book is gruesome and very dark in parts but it not overly done and fits perfectly in the context of the storyline.

I won’t give anything away because if you are a fan of murder mysteries with a twist THIS BOOK IS A MUST. The ending alone will make you shake your head and say WTF just happened.  

I loved this book.




Courting Trouble (Rosato & Associates #7) by Lisa Scottoline

Book Description:

Published: May 27, 2003

Anne Murphy thought she’d put her unhappy past a continent behind her when she joined Philadelphia attorney Bennie Rosato’s all-woman law firm. Then a friend who’s housesitting for Anne is murdered in what’s clearly a case of mistaken identity, and Anne realizes that the past has caught up with her and that the only way to outrun it is to catch the killer before he realizes that she’s still alive. But how can Anne play dead with a high-profile case just days away from starting? The only way to pull it off is to let her new colleagues in on the secret, which would mean telling them her other secrets, too, including the fact that she’s in love with opposing counsel and the probability that her client may not be as innocent as she thought he was.

Review –

Action begins early in this book and hardly lets go all the way to the end. It is crime fiction at its finest because there are many twists and turns and heart stopping moments before the identity of the killer comes to light. This is my third venture into the lives of Rosato & Associates and I’m enjoying them more and more.  I had the audio version and the narrator was very good.




Zombelina by Kristyn Crow

Book Description:

Published: July 9, 2013

Zombelina loves to dance. She moonwalks with mummies and boogies with bats. She spins like a specter and glides like a ghost and loves to dance for her family the most. When Zombelina enrolls in a ballet class for real girls, her dancing gives everyone the chills! But when her first recital brings on a case of stage fright, her zombie moans and ghoulish groans scare her audience away. Only her devoted family’s cheers, in their special spooky way, help Zombelina dance the ballet debut of her dreams.

Introducing the most adorable zombie to ever grace the dance floor, Kristyn Crow’s pitch-perfect rhyme and Molly Idle’s charmingly spook-tacular illustrations will make every reader want to sway and sashay in their own zombie trance.

Review –

I found this book free online at my virtual library site and had to check it out.

While it is an e-book, it is narrated to you and you see all of the beautifully illustrated pictures as the story progresses.

If you think the idea of a zombie ballerina isn’t very appealing, think again. Zombies have been very popular in our culture for the last several years just like vampires so must young children know what a zombie is.

Zombelina wants to be a ballerina and gets to take lessons but all the other students don’t like her but she practices and becomes very good. When the night of the recital comes she gets severe stage fright and all of the people in the audience run out scared to death at the sight of her. She just stands there, on stage, but when she sees her Zombie family in attendance it gives her the courage to perform and she is wonderful.

This is truly a sweet book and very likable and other reader must think so too because Zombelina Dances The Nutcracker was published this year and I’m sure there will be more to come.

I love it.