Mr. Insatiable by Serenity Woods

Book Description:

Published: February 1, 2013

Gossip says he is hot between the sheets. Has Mr. Insatiable finally met his match?
Enya’s been curious about Kit’s bedroom exploits ever since his ex-girlfriend spilled the beans about his…skill. But he’s not for her. Enya can’t provide what he wants from life, especially not between the sheets.

After Enya admits she’s not good at sex, Kit persuades her to trust in him. Together, they can create fireworks in the bedroom. A few drinks followed by a discussion about kinky sex, and Enya succumbs to his charm.

Thrilled he’s been proven correct, Kit can’t keep his hands off Enya, and she’s unable, and unwilling, to resist him. But is it just great sex…or something more?

Review –

This is a fun to read erotic romance because you can tell right away what the ending will be but there is a twist and that adds to the pleasure. The chemisty between best friends, Kit and Enya is HOT and although both of them think it would be better to NOT do what their bodies are telling them to do, they do it anyway.  It’s a great read and has a great cover.






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