Dishabille (Apprivoise #1) by Arden Aoide

Book Description:

Published: January 14, 2014

How do you fall in love in the modern world when you have a teenage
daughter and a codependent ex?

You seek out the owner of a fetish club, of course.

Dishabille – The state of being only partly or scantily clothed. It’s the perfect name for Miranda Marchand’s nightclub. For her brother, Alexander Marchand, it is the perfect place to find women who can fulfill his every desire. While his kinks aren’t uncommon, his affections run too fast and too deep for the cautious and aloof. He has given up on finding the one who can embrace his impulsiveness. For Dahlia Warwick, Club Dishabille is the gateway to a sensuous new world. A world she craves. Dahlia meets with Miranda with a seemingly simple task: To help her find a man who would be patient enough to guide her through her submissive fantasies, but not dismiss her fears. Miranda knows that Dahlia is not one for play that doesn’t involve her heart, and she knows only one man who could guide and teach her, to worship and to love her. It’s a rapid awakening for both Alex and Dahlia, quickly laying trust and intimacy on the table. Club Dishabille spanks the genre of romance and gives the readers the hearts and flowers they love and only the palest of pink bottoms. It is an erotic tale for those who aren’t looking for Cinderella or Prince Charming. It is a feast for those who want it a little bit…rougher.

Review –

This is an erotic romance with 70% talk and 30% texting  and sex. Nothing really special but a good read. The characters are unique and there is actually a plot.






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