The Berkeley Method (Spotlight #2) by J.S. Taylor

Book Description:

Published: December 11, 2013

Lights, camera, action…

Isabella Green has landed a lead role, in James Berkeley’s latest movie. And she’s about to discover, that the famous director is runs a punishing schedule. Both on and off set.

But with their relationship still a closely guarded secret, James and Isabella are walking a tight-rope. And when jealousy and danger explode around them, can their feelings hold firm?

Review –

James is a lot more kinky than Isabella would like but she loves him therefore she gives in to his requests, sexually and on the movie set. He is a harsh task master to all the actors and keeps the location of the movie set a well guarded secret but still photographers and reporters are clamoring for news. He has to keep his involvement with Isabella a secret because he is “married” to an actress who is an old friend. No vows were exchanged-it’s strictly for show, but still word seems to leak.  On top of everything else Isabella is being stalked by the Lipstick Killer.  Great read with lots of drama.





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