What I Want by L. N. Cronk

Book Description

November 29, 2013
Taking readers into the life of David andLaci’s youngest child, this stand-alone novel can be considered “Book 9” in the Chop, Chop series. Born with serious birth defects, Marco begins his story this way:Feisímo.

My entire life, people have called me this.

Most often, my sister Grace – hissing it into my ear whenever she thought she could get away with it. Other times it was my classmates, counting on their words to be drowned out by the noise of other children on the playground during recess. Sometimes it would be a little kid at a restaurant, blurting out the truth before a mortified parent could shush them into silence. Occasionally it might be a stranger on the street, not actually saying anything, but glancing away in embarrassment for me, saying it all the same, even without any words.

Throughout the years, many different people have told me in many different ways, and despite my parents’ constant attempts to convince me otherwise, I know exactly what I am . . . what I’ve always been.

I have always known.

Review –
Marco has some physical deformities and through surgeries they are  now not as noticeable he still finds it hard to relate to normal people especially girls. That’s why his whole life he has loved a blind girl named Bizzy but is this what God has planned for him? This is a faith based coming of age book. A pleasant read.

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