Vengeance (The Blood Trail Chronicles #1) by Tara Brown

Book Description

February 19, 2015
A man once told me there are infinite places love will take you, but revenge is the business of hate and there is only one place hate will take you, the end.
The end of you and the end of everything you once stood for.
His words still echo in my mind, next to the images of the millions of places I might have gone.Vengeance

Amillia Morgentstein wants nothing but freedom.
Freedom to choose the man she marries and the life she lives.
She wants nothing but the boy she can never have, Maddox.
Her world is turned upside down when her brother betrays their whole family, in a deal to trade Amillia to a Duke named Herrick and overthrow their father.
Broken hearted and fleeing her burning village, she rides away on the back of her closest friend, Artan.
In a neighbouring city, rumours of a red-cloaked assassin flood the streets.
An assassin who targets only the rich and the wicked.
The trail of blood left behind leads back to the burned out doors of a once flourishing kingdom, now ruled by a tyrant.
Broken hearted and bound by vengeance, Amillia finds herself falling for something she never thought she would have again.
Grayson’s blue eyes and sarcastic smile have her fighting the feelings she has, just as someone from her past reappears.
She fights for her heart and the hope no one discovers her biggest secret.
How far would you go for the ones you love, the ones you lost?

Review –
This is a fantastic book and I almost read it in one sitting. The characters are very well-developed and the plot, though fantasy, is very believable. It’s a story of forbidden love, jealousy, hatred, war, secrets and mature content.  I can’t wait to read the sequel.

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