Storm Redemption (Storm Damages #3) by Magda Alexander

Book Description

June 9, 2014
A Woman Torn . . .
Elizabeth’s rocky marriage to the volatile Gabriel Storm suffers a mortal blow when she walks out on him. But her love for her son and her husband draw her back. While fighting for a marriage on the rocks, she struggles to make him understand her need for a career. But it’s her unruly heart she fears most of all for it craves his every touch, his intoxicating taste, his hard pounding body. Will she stay and give up on her dream or walk away one last time?A Proud Man . . .
Gabriel will do anything to save his marriage to the captivating Elizabeth. But when she goes to work with a hated rival, his proud heart won’t accept her need for a career. And when a threat surfaces once more, he must carve a delicate path between protecting her and giving Elizabeth the freedom she craves. But it’s only when he confronts his own demons that he discovers what’s truly keeping them apart. Will he change in time or lose her forever?

Review –
Gabriel thinks Elizabeth has kidnapped the son, Andrew, but she didn’t.  (Leave it to Gabe to jump to conclusions again)  
There is a LOT of arguing and loud yelling going on in this book and at one point Gabriel physically hurts himself when in anger he destroys his dressing room.
Elizabeth wants to work for his competitor and long known enemy and he sees red. He decides to see a shrink and sees the error of hs ways and lets her go to work.  She is bullied by an old co-worker and she starts taking marital arts lessons.
On a date night to the theater there is a murder attempt on their lives and a body-guard takes the hit. It’s discovered so set the fire(they find his body in one of the tunnels) and that the old co-worker is the sniper.  Gabe sends Elizabeth and Andrew to NY for safety but Brian follows and attempts to kill Andrew and Elizabeth but he is shot dead by Marisol, an ex-CIA operative working in the Storm hone.
By the end of the book Gabe and Elizabeth have come to a compromise and all is well until an early morning phone call informing him and Jake and Bri(his sister) are missing in Brazil and that a category five hurricane is head their way.
Looking forward to the next installment.

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