Storm Damages (Storm Damages #1)by Magda Alexander

Book Description

July 9, 2013
Full Length Novel (approximately 306 pages)I DIDN’T PLAN TO FALL IN LUST that scorching hot summer day. And yet, that’s exactly what I did. Having reached the ripe age of twenty-two, I thought I knew everything about men. In truth, I knew next to nothing, at least when it came to him. Beautiful, brilliant, damaged Gabriel Storm. The drug I can’t live without. I risk everything I’ve worked for to be with him–my job, my career, my future. But I can’t walk away. Because all I care about is his kiss, his touch, and the way he makes me feel when I’m in his arms.
Review –
The premise of this book is simple – a very rich, handsome man meets a beautiful woman who works for a competing company and thus their relationship is taboo.  Being a Lord(oh, did I fail to mention that along with being handsome and rich he is a Lord) I think he was used to getting his way in business and in the bedroom. He hounded the beautiful woman in having sex with him and having a relationship with no one but him. Now, in fairness, the woman DID want to have sex with the Lord but also wanted to remain an independent woman.  Well, of course, in this type of book, a tragic occurrence has to happen, and she becomes pregnant but she doesn’t have a chance to tell him because he thinks she betrayed him in business and then had a horrible car accident that left him damaged and unsure of certain memories.
Sometimes erotica has no plot, it’s just SEX, SEX,SEX, but this had an excellent plot and I can’t wait to delve into the next installment in the series.

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