Storm Redemption (Storm Damages #3) by Magda Alexander

Book Description

June 9, 2014
A Woman Torn . . .
Elizabeth’s rocky marriage to the volatile Gabriel Storm suffers a mortal blow when she walks out on him. But her love for her son and her husband draw her back. While fighting for a marriage on the rocks, she struggles to make him understand her need for a career. But it’s her unruly heart she fears most of all for it craves his every touch, his intoxicating taste, his hard pounding body. Will she stay and give up on her dream or walk away one last time?A Proud Man . . .
Gabriel will do anything to save his marriage to the captivating Elizabeth. But when she goes to work with a hated rival, his proud heart won’t accept her need for a career. And when a threat surfaces once more, he must carve a delicate path between protecting her and giving Elizabeth the freedom she craves. But it’s only when he confronts his own demons that he discovers what’s truly keeping them apart. Will he change in time or lose her forever?

Review –
Gabriel thinks Elizabeth has kidnapped the son, Andrew, but she didn’t.  (Leave it to Gabe to jump to conclusions again)  
There is a LOT of arguing and loud yelling going on in this book and at one point Gabriel physically hurts himself when in anger he destroys his dressing room.
Elizabeth wants to work for his competitor and long known enemy and he sees red. He decides to see a shrink and sees the error of hs ways and lets her go to work.  She is bullied by an old co-worker and she starts taking marital arts lessons.
On a date night to the theater there is a murder attempt on their lives and a body-guard takes the hit. It’s discovered so set the fire(they find his body in one of the tunnels) and that the old co-worker is the sniper.  Gabe sends Elizabeth and Andrew to NY for safety but Brian follows and attempts to kill Andrew and Elizabeth but he is shot dead by Marisol, an ex-CIA operative working in the Storm hone.
By the end of the book Gabe and Elizabeth have come to a compromise and all is well until an early morning phone call informing him and Jake and Bri(his sister) are missing in Brazil and that a category five hurricane is head their way.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Storm Ravaged (Storm Damages #2) by Magda Alexander

Book Description

January 26, 2014

A Desperate Woman . . .

Pregnant with Gabriel Storm’s baby, Elizabeth Watson dreads seeing him again. After all, three months earlier she walked out without telling him about his child. But he knows and demands marriage. Something she can’t do. If she did, his mother would reveal a family secret which would destroy everything Gabriel cherishes.

A Determined Man . . .

Hell bent on marrying her, Gabriel will do anything to get her to agree. So he fashions a solution to convince her, a solution crafted from lies and deceit. But he’s playing with fire. For if she discovers his subterfuge, he would lose not only his child but the woman he can’t live without.

WARNING: This is a hot, steamy read with explicit language and sex scenes. For mature audiences.)

Okay, so the famous, rich,handsome man lies to the beautiful woman with the green eyes to get her to marry him and makes promises to her that he knows he won’t keep.  In his mind he needs to protect her and his unborn child from his mother and almost holds her prisoner in a fancy London apartment but she, on the other hand, is determined to remain independent, finish law school and work as a corporate attorney.  The boy heir is born, his wicked mother comes back from Scotland with all kinds of horrible secrets and someone tries to kill Elizabeth and the baby in her bedroom.  She has had enough. With all the lies he has told her Elizabeth doesn’t trust Gabriel anymore and walks out on their marriage.
There was not as much sex in this book because she was pregnant or they were made at each other from fighting.
Looking forward to the next installment.  Eager to see how he gets her back.

Storm Damages (Storm Damages #1)by Magda Alexander

Book Description

July 9, 2013
Full Length Novel (approximately 306 pages)I DIDN’T PLAN TO FALL IN LUST that scorching hot summer day. And yet, that’s exactly what I did. Having reached the ripe age of twenty-two, I thought I knew everything about men. In truth, I knew next to nothing, at least when it came to him. Beautiful, brilliant, damaged Gabriel Storm. The drug I can’t live without. I risk everything I’ve worked for to be with him–my job, my career, my future. But I can’t walk away. Because all I care about is his kiss, his touch, and the way he makes me feel when I’m in his arms.
Review –
The premise of this book is simple – a very rich, handsome man meets a beautiful woman who works for a competing company and thus their relationship is taboo.  Being a Lord(oh, did I fail to mention that along with being handsome and rich he is a Lord) I think he was used to getting his way in business and in the bedroom. He hounded the beautiful woman in having sex with him and having a relationship with no one but him. Now, in fairness, the woman DID want to have sex with the Lord but also wanted to remain an independent woman.  Well, of course, in this type of book, a tragic occurrence has to happen, and she becomes pregnant but she doesn’t have a chance to tell him because he thinks she betrayed him in business and then had a horrible car accident that left him damaged and unsure of certain memories.
Sometimes erotica has no plot, it’s just SEX, SEX,SEX, but this had an excellent plot and I can’t wait to delve into the next installment in the series.