Three Ways: A Detective Seagate and Miner Mystery #4 by Mike Markel

Book Description

May 13, 2014
When grad student Austin Sulenka is found strangled, nude on his bed, the first question for Detectives Karen Seagate and Ryan Miner is whether it was an auto-asphyxiation episode gone wrong. Evidence strewn around his small apartment suggests that he spent his last night with a number of different women. One is Tiffany, a former student who still resents the injustice of getting a C in the course when he promised her a B if she slept with him. Another is Austin’s beautiful girlfriend, May, who had never before encountered a man she could not totally beguile. Then there is Suzannah Montgomery, his thesis adviser, who might have inadvertently revealed to Austin some information about her past that could ruin her own career. As Seagate and Miner try to unravel the complicated couplings, she finds herself in a three-way relationship that threatens to destroy her own fragile sobriety.
Review –
This was my first reading of anything by author Mike Markel and I liked it very much because it’s a good “who-dun-it” without too much complexity to it as to bog it down. It flowed well and the characters were well-developed.
I will definitely be going back to locate the earlier books in the series.
Good read.

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