Prodigy (The Shapeshifter Chronicles #2) by Natasha Brown

Book Description

Published: November 16, 2012

In Clark Bend, Idaho, Chance Morgan’s dreams are haunted by the last moments shared with his grandfather. Memories of the fateful day when he died plague his thoughts, and without his grandfather’s council, his shapeshifting powers mysteriously fail him. Desperate to seek out a new mentor and learn more about the mystical world he was sheltered from, Chance must travel far from home to hunt for answers.

Eighteen-year-old, Ana Hughes has only known Chance for a few months, but he quickly found his way into her heart. Since being rescued from Chance’s power-hungry cousin, and coming back from death, Ana is unwilling to leave his side, and joins him on his quest to the Yucatan in search of a new mentor.

When Chance’s memories fall into place and reveal a threat from their past, Chance and Ana must fight to survive – or die trying.

Review –

Chance and Ana head to Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula to find the mentor meant to teach him the ways of a Shapshifter but they haven’t a clue how to find him. As luck would have it they come across a woman names Sanchia, who in fact is related to Balam, the one they are looking for, and she takes them in and gives them food and shelter. After a while Chance and Ana head into the jungle and a black jaguar leaps toward them and turns out the be the Shapeshifter Balam. He leads them to his house in a mountain and thus training begins. Chance is learing the correct way to focus his energy not only in large animal shapes but also small ones, which are sometimes better.  Markus finds Chance again and a fight is on and to make a long story short Chance kills Markus and all of the bad energy(sickness) in him flows into Chance. Ana witnesses this and sees chance coming for her with malice in his eyes but he realizes his intent and turns into a eagle and flies away.

A dog that had been following Ana around turns out to be Lifen, a Shapeshifter and a healer and she tells Ana that she will train her to use her gifts so she can find Chance and heal him and so they head off together for Lifen’s home. Thus ends book two.  Wow! Great second installment. Can’t wait to start the next book.





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